How I Rock It - Featured Profile of Milica 1st Place Winner of Haute & Bothered's Contest Moschino PRE-Fall 2013

Name: Milica

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Set Inspiration: When I make a set about a certain brand or designer I just go with what is my first association. Moschino's line Cheap & Chic is very girly, cute, but not overdone. My goal was to make a cute and wearable set.

Personal Style: My style has been influenced by certain fashion eras and music. I love the 60's and 70's, but I would never dare to copy them. I really do not care about the labels or certain trends. I don't wear sneakers, actually I don't have anything that could be called sporty. I also love girly romantic dresses, but not anything tight or revealing. I prefer to wear dresses with flats because I am tall. I choose comfort over fashion when it comes to shoes. My Mom is American, and my sister is studying for her Ph.D in Chicago, so I am able to get certain pieces that are not available in Serbia or even Europe. I'm a simple gal who believes less is more, so I do not wear a lot of makeup.

Fashion Influences: I am influenced by Sienna Miller's style because I believes she is an icon of our time. Galliano is my all time favorite designer. I just loved his sense of drama. He was probably the last man who knew what Haute Couture was all about.

Moschino PRE-Fall 2013 Contest


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