How I Rock It - Featured Guest Blogger Claudia from The Penny Closet

Featured Guest Blogger Claudia from The Penny Closet

Today's featured guest blogger is Claudia from The Penny Closet. She has a knack for rocking the latest trends on a budget. All of her gorgeous outfits are usually styled for under $100 or less. Who wouldn't love that?

Name: Claudia Felix Garay

Location: Los Angeles, California

Set Inspiration: When I make my outfits I always try to incorporate an item that I got for sale. I want my outfits to be affordable, cute, stylish and comfortable. I believe personal style begins with having the ability to create outfits, not just by buying them. My individual creativity is expressed from doing such things as turning a dress into a top or a skirt. I have fun expressing myself in this way.

Personal Style: My personal style varies from day to day. I may wear a cute dress one day and the next I may be wearing a plain top, leather jacket with jeans and sneakers. I am versatile when it comes to my wardrobe, but I  would say that my style is unique, ambitious, and full of confidence, as I enjoy taking risks. My personal style quote from my blog is, " Style just can't be bought". Instead of shelling out entire paychecks on jeans, invest the time in your creative mind. Be your own fashionista! Be you! And save! That's what my blog is about. Look lavish on an affordable budget.

Fashion Influences: I don't have a specific person that I look up to as a "fashion influence". I do like to keep track of the upcoming fashion shows and other popular fashion bloggers that I like. I also look at magazines and runway shows to add to my own fashion palette.

Find out more about Claudia and her rocking fashion sense by checking out her fabulous blog at .



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