Designer Spotlight - Vanessa Mooney

Eclectic Designs by Vanessa Mooney (Buy Here)

Born in 1980, Vanessa Mooney is a rare breed of a Hollywood rebel, harnessing a unique look and attitude which transcends, into her distinctive accessories line. The great-granddaughter of Harry Warner (one of the original Warner Bros.) has been infatuated with the freedom that art provides and obsessed with all forms of art, music and fashion, her entire life. It was in 2009 when she founded her eponymous line under a core idea: let uninhibited design intuition lead the way.

Self-taught, Vanessa designs everything in her studio in Downtown Los Angeles, combining unexpected materials and techniques that makes each design feel brand new. Eclectic in her personal style choices, she portrays "model off-duty" fashion with a rock 'n' roll, boho-chic edge. An avid traveler with a keen interest for unexpected beauty, she derives inspiration from different ethnicities and cultures.

 Rarely do we find style with as much soul as these entrancing new looks by Vanessa Mooney, fashion artiste and Hollywood rebel. From intricately carved, earthy metals to burst of turquoise to iridescent shadows, this is one collection we couldn't wait to get our hands on.

Clydette Ring Set
Vanessa Mooney Clydette Ring Set (Buy Here)

Aruna Gold
Vanessa Mooney Aruna Gold Bracelet (Buy Here)
Zuni Cuff
Vanessa Mooney Zuni Cuff (Buy Here)

Sabina Necklace
Vanessa Mooney Sabina Necklace (Buy Here)

Vanessa Bracelet
Vanessa Mooney Vanessa Bracelet (Buy Here)


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