How I Rock It - Featured Guest Blogger Anngelik Martinez From Vogue & Heels

Toya's Tales featured Guest Blogger Anngelik Martinez from .

I have a special treat for you, my favorite fashionistas, today I am featuring fellow Wisconsinite Anngelik Martinez from Vogue & Heels. This fashion maven from Madison (WI) showcases her gorgeous style on a daily basis through her trendsetting blog. Find out more about this style diva below and check out her blog .

Toya's Tales featured Guest Blogger Anngelik Martinez from .

Name: Anngelik Martinez

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Personal Style: My personal style is a mix of relaxed-chic with a little bit of glamour. I like to dress up simple items, like a classic white tee, a black blazer and jeans. my mother, a fashion designer, is my inspiration, and I get a lot of my information from her. I like mixing my wardrobe and pairing dressy items, like a sequins skirt with a white t-shirt. Growing up in Puerto Rico without a lot of money to spend, I learned how to style and re-use everything I had in my closet, and most of the time, my mother would make my clothes from simple fabrics. I believe that any woman can look like a million dollars without having to spend it, and it can happen by dressing simply, Because I believe that simple is beautiful.

Fashion Influences: First of all, my mother is my main fashion inspiration. She is the one who introduced me to fashion, and without her I would be nowhere. Also, Olivia Palermo is my fashion idol because I can relate my style to hers. She is such a classy lady, and without even trying, she has a very relaxed-chic style with a touch of glamour. She can turn a simple summer dress into a night look by changing her flats to heels, adding a black blazer with a belt on the waist and also adding a statement necklace.

Olivia Palermo is one of Toya's Tales featured Guest Blogger Anngelik Martinez fashion idols.


  1. Thank you so much for the feature! It looks amazing. I will let my readers know :)



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