What Time Is It? Freshen Up Your Home With Colorful Clocks

Red Candy UK has a colorful and modern assortment of clocks to choose from. Any one of these showstoppers will transform your interiors from forgettable to fabulous almost instantly. My fave is the Karlsson Water Lily Multi Coloured Clock. Which one compliments your personality?

Rainbow clocks!

Pictogram Rainbow Wall Clock White
$46 - redcandy.co.uk

Nextime Colour Guide Clock
$69 - redcandy.co.uk

Guzzini Happy Time Wall Clock
$76 - redcandy.co.uk

Karlsson Slices Colourful Clock
$105 - redcandy.co.uk

Karlsson Colour Spirograph Clock
$120 - redcandy.co.uk


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