Classic Couture : Fleur-De-Lis and Filigree

A little filigree adds just the right touch of romance and flounce to solid, light fabric and simple style.

From webs of bold black enamel to classic Fleur-de-Lis pendants to golden lace twists, I simply adore these filigree beauties. 

Victoria Earrings
La Vie Parisienne Victoria Earrings (View Here)
Laurel Sage
Lara Hennessey Laurel Sage Necklace (View Here)
Suri Earrings
KL Collection Suri Earrings (View Here)
Nancy Necklace
House of KL Nancy Necklace (View Here)
Evelyn Earrings
ShebySheree Evelyn Earrings (View Here)

A fine web of metal threads. That fanciful, feather-light air. Lace. Arabesques expressed in gold, silver, and fine metal. Twists. Curls. The sophistication of old iron work.

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