Toya's Tales Turq and Coral

Toya's Tales Turq and Coral
You spent the weekend basking in the sun and getting sandy on the beach, and now it's time to channel the sun's revitalizing energy with turquoise encircled by vibrant hued gems.

** Style Tip **
Pair these disparate hues together with white jeans or a colorful dress for the ultimate attention-grabbing summer ensemble.

KL Collection MADDY EARINGS (Toya's Tales)
Glistening in the summer sun the Maddy Earrings will become one of your most often worn accessories.
(View Here)

KL Collection PEYTON NECKLACE (Toya's Tales)
Bold never goes out of style, the colorful Peyton Necklace features an unsurpassed versatility.
(View Here)

KL Collection MAYA EARRINGS (Toya's Tales)
The Maya Earrings showcases a playful look perfect for a casual style.(View Here)

KL Collection LOGAN NECKLACE (Toya's Tales)
This beautiful Logan Necklace is earthy and polished.(View Here)

"Toya's Tales Turqs & Coral" by latoyacl on Polyvore
Celebrate summer in these stunning jewels.

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