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Bright City Nights - I Can See Clearly Now

Here in Wisconsin even though the days are still warm the nights are beginning to get cooler. Lately, a lightweight jacket comes in handy. The problem for me during this time of year is finding a jacket that isn't too heavy but still looks good when I want to dress up. So when I was designing today's set I had that dilemma in mind. When searching the web for answers I came across this fun and chic Veronica Beard Translucent Coat. I liked that it was sheer enough to be seen through, and the neon trim kicked it up a notch. It is a bit pricey but like all things, in fashion, you can find similar items at lower price points. This lightweight coat is a good reference point to start my search.

A Collaborative Affair

A great outfit for me is when all elements presented works jointly together for one common goal, which is to make you look your best. All the elements on their own should be able to stand alone as pieces that are useful and also make a statement. When thrown together they should successfully convey what is wonderful about your own personal style. So today's question of the day is what does your outfit say about you?

Art of the Day - Brianna Angelakis


My 6 Favorite Trench Coats For Fall (All Under $250)

The trench coat is a classic staple in a woman's wardrobe. They key is to find one that fits your style and flatters your shape. It's all in the art of wearing it and making it personal to you. Depending on the wearer it can read sexy, sophisticated, sleek, or relaxed. It is one of the rare staples in a wardrobe that can be dressed up or down, and still look fabulous.

Welcome Home - The Modern Foyer


Hollywood and Fashion Style Stars - 5 Best Dressed 9/21/14


My 10 Faves From The Oscar de la Renta Resort 2015 Collection

Designer Oscar de la Renta has been the undisputed king of ladylike glam for decades. The designer did not disappoint with his collection for Resort 2015. This was one of those rare collections that offered suitable options for day, office, and evening. I always loved Oscar de la Renta's use of color, and he showcased that talent brilliantly in this collection. He also showed a deft hand with his embroidered dresses which are totally lust worthy. I'm sure we will be seeing a few of his stunners on the red carpet this awards season.

My 8 Favorite Polka Dot Finds For September

Ever since I was a child I have been obsessed with polka dots. Looking at them always makes me smile and puts me in such a playful mood. That's why they are so perfect for Fall. This perky pattern will help brighten up my day as I transition into a cooler season.
Below are a few of my favorite polka dot finds for September.

Sophisticated Tomboy

I love when an outfit has an element of boyish or masculine style. I think it adds a surprising and sexy edge when a woman wears something a little unexpected. There is an assumption that if you are a tomboy you can not possibly be interested in fashion, but I think Gwen Stefani and fashion darling Jenna Lyons have proven naysayers wrong. They are the perfect examples of sophisticated tomboys.

Gwen Stefani 

Jenna Lyons

So for today's outfit of the day I wanted to present a casual version of the look. 
Today's set is dedicated to the women who are self-aware, energetic, boisterous, worldly, knowledgeable, comfortably fashionable and know how to rock it on their own terms.

My 8 Favorite Satchels For Fall 2014

I'm a fan of a great satchel bag. The best thing about a satchel is that they are utilitarian, roomy, sleek, and versatile. My favorite ones come with a detachable strap so I can have different carrying options.
Below are eight of my favorite satchels for Fall 2014, and the best thing is they are all available in stores now!