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Art of the Day - Brandon Scott


My 7 Faves From The Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

Saint Laurent's Fall/Winter 2014 Collection was all about the mid 1960's. A moment when pop was at it's purest. Designer Hedi Slimane's references for this collection were very clear: London's youthquake, and Andy Warhol's muse Edie Sedgwick. Overall the collection was a beautiful display of casual extravagance.
Highlights: * Capes punctuated Saint Laurent's Fall '14 runway collection. I have always loved them because the hood is perfect for protecting a fresh blowout from harsh winter weather. * On the runway a bow was tied at the collar - a pretty play on the traditional bow tie. * Metallic dresses was a huge feature of this collection. The glittery frocks were executed in a super flattering A-line cut.

All Bundled Up

Dresses are a year-round staple in my wardrobe. Even when the temperature starts to drop I still find myself gravitating towards one. So I have always found ways to keep it cute while staying bundled up by adding a few key pieces. 
Tips: - A wool coat is super warm, hard wearing, and wind-resistant. Add a dash of color for extra style points on gloomy winter days. - A beanie hat is stylish and warm. Make sure it has a tight-knit so it will not cause hair breakage. - A tall flat boot will keep your feet warm and dry when the snow starts to fall. Make sure to spray a leather and suede protector to maintain them throughout the season.

Newlook Dress  J Crew Coat  Diane Von Furstenberg Boots  Federica Moretti Hat

Art of the Day - Dominik Jasinski


Rugged Rascal - The Perry Ellis Collection

The clash of classic and modern has never looked as stylish as it does with Perry Ellis. This collection was refined with interesting and surprising details. The collection had pieces that were bolder than your average choices, and they accomplished that with vivid color, unusual textiles, and vibrant prints.

Rustic Home Decor

Rustic style is not only suitable for country living, it also works well in an urban dwelling. Adding rustic home decor to your sanctuary will bring a simple charm to your abode. But simple does not have to mean plain with the pieces I have chosen below.

Parvez Taj Longhorn  Kathy Kuo Home Vase  Cyan Design Candlestick Holder  Kathy Kuo Home Sofa  ABC Home Table

Art of the Day - Trini Schultz


Perfect For A Formal Holiday Dinner Party

I think we have officially entered into the holiday party season. That time of year when we receive so many requests to attend holiday parties or dinners. The hardest part is trying to figure out what to wear. Some invites are more casual, but others request that you dress in formal and festive attire. The latter situations give me pause. Formal means different things to different people. I mean one of my friends believes that dusting off his best jeans is formal. I'm just taking a wild guess that was not what the host deemed appropriate. I guess the best thing to do when confronted with this issue is to follow-up with the host and ask for a more specific breakdown of what their expectations are. Even after finding out all of the specifics I sometimes have a problem with coming up with something to wear. So if you are like me, and looking for new ideas to spice up your wardrobe for the holiday season this post is for you. For the next couple of months, I will be blogging every so …

I Wear My Art Featuring MSGM Painterly Print Shift Dress

I am an art lover. So when I laid eyes on this MSGM Painterly Print Shift Dress I thought it was totally lust-worthy. The price tag gave me pause, but it does not mean I could not admire the craftsmanship. Most of us could not afford to own a Picasso, but millions of people travel to view one at a museum every single day. I always wondered why people made a big deal about the price tag associated with fashion. It is just like art in the sense that an original piece of art will cost more than a reproduction or print. Just because you can not afford it does not mean you can not appreciate it.

MSGM Dress  Loriblu Booties  Jigsaw Purse  Anni Jurgenson Earrings

Art of the Day - Tommy Ingberg


November Finds - 7 Colorful Coats

There is nothing like a bright and colorful coat to brighten up a dreary day. Bright colors give a coat a fashionable edge, and that's why each and every one of my fabulous finds is perfect for the fall season. 
( All of the items from my original post have sold out, so I updated this list with new colorful finds) 

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Art of the Day - Elle Hanley


The Home Advantage - Decorate With Cream and Grey

As soon as I laid eyes on this living room designed by Jean Louis Deniot I was immediately captivated. I'm usually drawn to more colorful decor but this room had a perfect balance of being elegant yet comfortable. Most of all I was intrigued by the muted color scheme of cream and grey. These are two colors I would usually never think of putting together when decorating a home because I would assume it would just turn out to be a bland room. After looking at the inspiration image it dawned on me that the reason I was drawn to the room was that it had classic elements mixed with very bold modern pieces, such as the painting over the sofa. With those added visual elements and hints of metallic, the color scheme came to life. Alas, since I can not afford Mr. Denoit's interior design services I decided to create a set showcasing how to emulate the living room he designed. 
Decorating Tips: - Consider adding abstract art to your living room. Because of its graphic nature, it lends a co…

Art of the Day - Richard Young



Hemlines ... long ... short? With the weather, changing is it too cold to go short? These are the questions running through my head as I clear my summer clothes out of my closet, and usher in my fall/winter wardrobe. Certain pieces, such as short skirts, have me pondering if they can transition from summer to fall. After thinking about it for awhile I decided that they most definitely can find a place in my fall wardrobe.  The key is making sure that a short skirt doesn't come across to lightweight for the weather. It needs a bit of substance to make it work for fall. For starters, I think hair and makeup should be elegant and simple so it doesn't read too schoolgirl or kiddish. I love a turtleneck paired with a short skirt because it adds much-needed coverage when you are showing off so much leg. And for days when you are feeling a little more modest just add some tights or tall boots for added warmth and style.

VILA Top  River Island Skirt  Nine West Boots  Giani Bernini Purs…

Pedestrian Crossing

Today's set was inspired by a painting by Wang Ling titled " Hong Kong ". What drew me to the painting was how it captured urban life in a setting unknown to me, but how there are certain elements that will always be a constant in any industrialized land. I was also visually drawn to the rail lines. For some reason, it stuck with me and I started thinking about all of the various pedestrian crossing signs. I wondered how I could translate the essence of the painting into an outfit. This dress by Edun captured the dreariness of the rainy day and the stark lines of the signage and rail lines. The leather jacket and accessories captured the toughness and the hard edges of the urban setting.

Edun Dress  Stylemoi Jacket  3.1 Phillip Lim Sandals H&M Handbag

My 11 Favorite Jewelry Finds 11/6/2014

An easy way to dress up your style this Autumn is to add some beautiful jewelry to your wardrobe. It can be a pretty and inexpensive way to update your look. So put on your cardigan, sip that hot cider, and stock up on fantastic jewelry this season.