Autumn Splendor

I suffer from seasonal affective disorder which is a type of depression that's related to changes in seasons. It usually starts for me around fall and continues until late spring. The changes in the weather saps my energy and makes me moody. So I usually never end up appreciating the beauty of autumn. Sometimes I have moments of clarity, like when I laid eyes on this photo of St. John's Bridge in Portland, Oregon. This image made me appreciate autumn splendor in all of it's glory. It also symbolized what I go through on a daily basis during this time. The hazy fog in the distance represented my moodiness and the bright lights leading the way to the magnificent structure of the bridge reminded me of the precious moments when I can appreciate the special people in my life who help guide me through these difficult times. So even though this can be a somber time it is also bittersweet.
I also thought that this awesome image of St. John's Bridge would serve as today's inspiration for outfit of the day. I loved the color scheme reflected in the photo and created an outfit around that. For this look I kept in mind my fashionistas who are on a budget, and each piece is less then fifty dollars.
Before I end this post I would like to leave you with a question to ponder, and feel free to leave your answers in the comment section. What do you love the most about autumn?

Autumn Splendor

Mini dress
$32 -

White jacket

SELECTED leather boots
$49 -

Faith black purse
$37 -

Topshop vintage jewelry
$27 -


  1. Oooo, I love the look of that bag, I love the decent price even more! Gorgeous and great picks as always, Toya!

    Reflection of Sanity

  2. What do I like most about Autumn...? To be honest, I think it just is that Autumn provides some much needed respite from the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

    I like the outfit you have selected here, particularly the dress.. I think that would be ideal for the autumn.

    1. Thank you Ray! I'm a summer baby. I need the sun and warm air.


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