Artistic Inspiration - Flamingos Reflections

I have always been intrigued by flamingos, maybe because they do not dwell in my part of the country. The famous pink birds tend to reside in warm, watery regions ( I wish I did too ). They are tall and graceful creatures with long necks. They are the perfect inspiration for today's set. The first step in my process was to find an image that would serve as my artistic inspiration. I browsed through hundreds of pictures and came across this beautifully still image by DBroglin called "Flamingos Reflection". I loved that it was not the typical pink flamingo that I'm used to seeing, and the starkness of the image pulled me in. Next was the hard part. It is generally easy enough to find hundreds of items featuring pink flamingos, but it is a lot harder finding clothing that features one in black and white. I searched and searched and finally found a dress by 1 State that perfectly captured what I was going for. I kept the rest of the look simple and chic to keep the focus right where it belongs.

Artistic Inspiration - Flamingos Reflections #ToyasTales

1 State Flamingo Dress (Buy Here) 
H&M Sunglasses (Buy Here) 
Jil Sander Crossbody Bag (Buy Here) 
Schutz Cady Sandal (Buy Here)  


  1. I've seen a few dresses like this, on various blogs, which incorporate some kind of artwork. Most don't look quite right, but this one is OK. Not sure if I'd be brave enough to wear it myself (if I were female), it tends to draw eyes to the image and it's position might make some feel uncomfortable, but you've picked some great accessories and overall it's another great outfit.

    1. I guess it just depends on how confident you are. I love my curves so I don't mind drawing attention to those areas. You are right that if you are not confident not only will you not be able to pull of this look you will also look uncomfortable in anything that you wear.


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