Building Your Wardrobe For Fall 2015 - Denim Jacket

For fall a great jacket is a must for cool days and chilly nights. Designers have given us plenty of options to choose from but I always loved the idea of a denim jacket. I believe you get the best of both worlds when owning one. A denim jacket goes well with casual clothing and dressier apparel (as shown below). Plus this is the season for stylish layering and a denim jacket is perfect for executing that look. I could go on and on about why I love them but I guess at the end of the day I enjoy the simplicity of the fabric and the down-to-earth vibe it gives off. It is a timeless item that I return to season after season.

Building Your Wardrobe For Fall 2015 - Embroidered Denim Jacket #ToyasTales

SheIn Black Criss-Cross Tank Top (Buy Here)
MSGM Embroidered Denim Jacket (Buy Here)
MSGM Faux Leather Skirt (Buy Here) 
Tory Burch Enamel Half Moon Earrings (Buy Here) 
MSGM Acetate Wing Colourblock Leather Bag (Buy Here) 

The designer denim jacket featured above is a bit pricey so below I'm featuring a few more affordably priced options to add to your closet!

Old Navy Sherpa Lined Denim Jacket
Old Navy Sherpa Lined Denim Jacket (Buy Here)
Maurices Medium Wash Denim Jacket
Maurices Medium Wash Denim Jacket (Buy Here)
Calvin Klein Denim Jacket
Calvin Klein Denim Jacket (Buy Here)
Asos Curve Shrunken Denim Jacket
Asos Curve Shrunken Denim Jacket (Buy Here)


  1. I kept telling myself I need a denim jacket, I want a denim jacket but I have yet to go clothes shopping since months now! I think denim jacket has to wait for now cause I am hunting for a good trench coat.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. That faux lether skirt is so cute! I am currently in the hunt for a jean jacket that actually fits me. Since I am very petite, its hard to find one that doesnt look like it's wearing me. Most of the ones I have tried on make me look very boxy :/

    1. Yes the majority of them do have a boxy cut. They do offer some with a bit of stretch that conforms to the body or a moto style generally tends to be a bit more flattering.

  3. Notwithstanding my general dislike of Denim, I think that this particular outfit works rather nicely. Good selection LaToya.

  4. I love my denim jacket so these looks are right up my alley. That style you put together is really cute.


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