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Art of the Day - Tatyana Binovska

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Are You On The Cutting Edge

I have never been the kind of woman that was destined to walk the straight and narrow path. I have always veered off the beaten path and wandered along the less provincial route. I do find some structure necessary to hold things together but I have never felt the need to be totally straitlaced. I'm a bit off and I wear my kookiness like a badge of honor so it was no surprise that when I saw this two-piece dress I was intrigued.

This unique number is from the brand Asilio, which offers all kinds of unique and cool pieces. This Cause And Effect dress is made to be worn together or if you prefer you can wear the pieces separately which makes it a very versatile addition to any wardrobe. Technically it is a dress but you can pair the shirt or skirt with other items in your closet. I'm a sucker for a 2 for 1 deal and this one has me excited about all of the potential styling options. In the words of one of the greatest girl groups of all time TLC, this is crazy, sexy, cool!

Are You O…

After The Show It's The After Party

" After the show it's the after party then After the party it's the hotel lobby and After the Belve' then it's probably Cris' And after the original it's probably this (Fiesta) "  - Jay Z verse on R.Kelly's song Fiesta (Remix)
For many of us, the weekend gives us a chance to relax and catch up with family and friends. For me it is all about leisure time and making the most of it by hanging out, going out to eat, seeing a movie, show, or concert. Today's set is perfect if you are heading out tonight for a live musical performance. It doesn't matter if the venue is a hole in a wall or a huge stadium this outfit will be just right for the event. It is a cool balance of sexy and edginess with a few statement pieces thrown into the mix.

After The Show It's The After Party by latoyacl featuring Max Factor

R13 Ramones Jacket (No Longer Available)
Iro Palmyra Dress (Buy Here) 
Ray-Ban Clubround Sunglasses (Buy Here)
Michael Michael Kors Brooklyn Hobo Ba…

Neutral Territory - Fall 2016 (My 12 Favorite Neutral Finds)

When it comes to fashion the word neutral can mean so many things. Most times it boils down to two categories: skin tone neutrals or any color that is not a vibrant hue such as grey, black, white and etc. Either way, neutrals will always be a staple in most of our wardrobes because for a lot of people it makes getting dressed easier and helps them blend more with their peers. Almost like they are wearing an invisibility cloak. Some will even say neutrals are a safe choice and don't require much imagination, and I must say at times I also ascribe to that thought process. The only time neutrals tend to grab my eye is if they have a textural element, a beautiful shape or construction, and unusual angles. Nevertheless, I do understand their purpose in fashion and they are great building blocks to start with when acquiring or adding to your wardrobe this season. 

Silence + Noise Evangalista Dress (Buy Here)
Melanie Auld Teardrop Hoop Earrings (Buy Here)
Brother Vellies Pink Shearling Bag

My 7 Favorites From The Adam Lippes Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

Adam Lippes fall/winter 2016 collection had an elegant and sophisticated charm to it. Most of the collection was classic and timeless and most definitely did not rely on trends or gimmicks. His collection was beautiful in it's simplicity and would make great investment pieces.

Art of the Day - Karen Clark

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My 9 Favorites From The Cinq a Sept Fall 2016 Collection

What I loved most about Cinq a Sept's fall/winter collection was that is was so easy and wearable. Nothing too constricting or overworked. It was contemporary fashion at it's best. There was no particular reference point or theme to the collection but it hit on all of the right notes. It covered all of the trends that are big right now but with a luxurious twist.

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Irresistible Me Clip In Hair Extensions Review

Hello lovelies! Today I finally get to review the extensions everyone has been raving about in the blogging world. Maybe you have heard or seen the brand name Irresistible Me. I know I have been very curious about the brand and what kind of hair they offer. My review will consist of two main parts: how was the quality of the hair and how I felt about the website and service.

A brand representative from Irresistible Me contacted me a couple of weeks ago regarding a collaboration. They wanted an honest review of their extensions and would send out a set for me to test out.Their website was easy to navigate. The one minor annoyance is that you have to sign in with an email address in order to gain access to the site to browse their selections. Once I placed my order I received my package within a week.

The extensions arrived in a nicely designed box with an adorable illustration and message.

To start the process of adding the clip on extensions to my hair I had to straighten my hair from it…

Art of the Day - Yonah Baby

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