The Bohemian Way - Fall 2016

It is an odd thing how we as humans can become so regimented in our thinking. For instance, when I think of bohemian style for some reason I always envision rocking the trend during the summer months. Why? I haven't a clue. Maybe I have fallen victim to advertising and suggestion by designers that only really showcase this style during the spring/summer collections. When I scroll through my visual catalog of memories I can only conjure up visions of models showcasing the bohemian chic look while posing in the desert, frolicking on the beach, or on a jet-set island vacation. Which leads me to wonder why hasn't more been done to showcase how fabulous this trend is for fall/winter. I guess that is why it is always important to be aware of what information you are been fed and to always mull it over and see if the supposed rules or ideas really work for you and your lifestyle or if you are being led by persuasion. 
As you can see from today's fashion set I am totally going against the grain and showing you how the bohemian trend can work during this time of year. I tend to like a darker color palette during the colder months so I picked pieces that were in the black and blue color families. Since I love texture so much, which is also a huge component of bohemian style, I added textural contrast with a felt hat, suedette waistcoat, feather earrings, and embroidered boots. The end result was pretty, cool, and groovy baby. #ToyasTales

The Bohemian Way - Fall 2016 by latoyacl featuring Miss Selfridge  

Eugenia Kim Honey Black Wide Brimmed Hat (Buy Here) 
Newchic Off Shoulder Shirt (Buy Here
Athena Floral Embroidered Boot (Buy Here)  
Boohoo Ava Waterfall Waistcoat (Buy Here) 
Topshop Gel Nail Color in Kettle (Buy Here) 
Betsey Johnson Cameo Accent Feather Earrings (Buy Here) 
Roberto Cavalli Flared Two Tone Jeans (Buy Here) 


  1. the shoes are so hot !

    Olive OOTD - New Post

    Check out my Insta / Google+ and stay tuned ♥Instagram

    Stay Gold

    1. Those flower embroidered boots are so in right now. They are a must-have.

  2. I love the way you incorporated bohemian vibe into the fall/winter season :) It's so true that we usually associate bohemian with summer and you showed us that is not necessarily the case! :D xx Maja
    Maja's Muffin

    1. Some of the most interesting looks featuring bohemian style are the ones that are layered and that is almost impossible when it is summer and hot. I wish i saw more people rocking the look in colder temps.

  3. What a great post, thanks for sharing! Happy December to you.


  4. Replies
    1. You are in luck that floppy hats can be found everywhere and at different price points. I hope you find one that is just perfect for you.

  5. Oh wow I love this! The Boho style is amazing! Gemma x

  6. The Boohoo waterfall waistcoat is so beautiful, checking the Boohoo website asap!! x


  7. Love this look dear <3 Have a great weekend :)

  8. You are so right, girl! We do tend to see it highlighted most during the warmer months, which can lead us to believe that it's only a seasonal style, but just like any other style, it can certainly be worn all year long. I love the outfit you've created here, very stylish, very bohemian, and perfect for fall and winter. Thanks so much for the inspiration, beauty, and I hope you have the best weekend ahead!



  9. I can wear all these pieces but they will be bundled up under a thick winter coat. LOL! I do love flare jeans and I swear mine all year round.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I have yet to find the perfect flare jeans for my proportions but I also hate trying on clothes so that may be the problem. Lol!

  10. Great selection!

  11. The end result is groovy for sure. I love the jeans. This just goes to show that boho is an all year style. Beautiful.

    1. Yes indeed! It is most definitely not a seasonal style.


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