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Gift Guide For The Adult Beverage Lover

I must admit that I love a good adult beverage and when I say "adult beverage" I mean a strong alcoholic drink. The key to enjoying a good stiff drink is moderation, when you get sloppy drunk you miss all of the notes and flavors that are essential to making a well-balanced concoction. So today's holiday gift guide is for the responsible drinker in your life who you can appreciate a good cocktail or two with. 

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Elevated casual style has inspired the way I dressed for most of my life. Let me explain what I mean when I say elevated, simply, it is just taking your average basic items and kicking it up a style notch. It means not leaving out the house looking like I just rolled out of bed and appearing as if I just don't give a f*ck. Take for instance a sweater which is a standard staple in most people's closet. If I rock one I always look for unusual detail or design elements that would make it stand out from the average sweater. Another way to elevate your casual style is always making sure that you accessorize, that seems like such a simple and easy thing to do but you would be surprised of how many people I see out and about who literally have not one accessory on their body. If you really just sit and watch people you will realize how common that problem is and how much of a difference a few well-selected accessories can change your whole look. Instead of running out the house for a…

Gift Guide For The Coffee Lover

Today is the official start of the holiday shopping season and to commemorate the event I will be sharing some of my favorite gift guides. Most of the guides I will be sharing this year will be centered around very specific, fun and quirky themes. Today's holiday gift guide is focusing on some cool items for the coffee lover in your life.

I am one of those strange people who didn't start drinking coffee until I was thirty. Before that, I always thought that coffee tasted like dirty water. Good thing my taste buds have evolved since then. Even though I am not a heavy daily coffee drinker I have been known to appreciate a well-made cup every so often. So I can appreciate why people go so crazy over the caffeinated beverage. If you know someone who can't start their day off without a fresh cup of freshly brewed coffee this fun gift guide for the coffee lover will come in handy.

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Art of the Day - Alexander Ilichev


Lust Worthy Trench - Burberry Eastleigh Reversible Trench Coat

Burberry is a luxury fashion house based out of London. England. The brand is most famous for its iconic trench coats, one of which I am featuring on my blog today. It is the Eastleigh Reversible Trench Coat which is an edgier version of the classic style. It is like having two coats in one since you can wear it on either side. If you are going for a more traditional or professional vibe you can rock the khaki side and on a more casual day when you are feeling bolder you can flip it over and wear it on the olive green check side featuring the cool archival logo on back.

Burberry can run on the high end when it comes to pricing so I have also included some lower priced options with a similar style. 

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Box Of Style Winter 2018

Last spring I reviewed Rachel Zoe's Box Of Style and had a great experience with the brand and their offerings. So I am back today with a preview of what Box Of Style is offering in their 2018 Winter Box. Box Of Style is a luxury subscription service curated by designer and editor, Rachel Zoe and delivered four times a year. Rachel has tapped into her exclusive network to bring members the most coveted brands and items each season. Each edition includes at least 1 item designed exclusively for Box Of Style. You have two options to choose from, you can pay $99.99 for this season's box or the annual subscription for $349.99. This box is available for residents in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.
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" I adore winter because it's all about cozying up with family and friends, celebrating the holidays and preparing for a new year. I've curated the perfect luxury essentials to carry you …

My 5 Favorite Looks From The Brave Gentleman Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

Joshua Katcher the founder and designer behind the brand Brave Gentleman is very passionate about cruelty-free clothing. He is one of the few menswear designers that offer high-end vegan clothing. He currently has a shop in the Williamsburg area in Brooklyn New York and he doesn't use fur, leather, wool, or down when making his clothes. When I first heard that he didn't use any of those products I assumed his collection would be boring but he has found alternative materials that give the appearance of wool and leather but does not use any animal products in the manufacturing process. On a different note, the designer was able to snag one of the biggest celebrity advocates for vegan clothing, Alan Cumming, to be the model for his fall/winter collection, and from what I hear he may be featured in more upcoming campaigns from the brand.

My 8 Best Dressed Celebrity And Fashion Style Stars 11/4/2018

FAVORITE!!! My absolute favorite look this week goes to Taylor Hill. Her outfit is perfect for fall. Loving the all-black ensemble with a bit of edge with leather drawstring pants and sexy boots.

FAVORITE!!! Misty Copeland looked so pretty in her ballerina-inspired gown showing off her beautiful decolletage. The embroidery work is absolutely stunning on her dress.

FAVORITE!!! Amber Heard looked ravishing in this classic sequin low cut dress with a sexy slit. It is Old Hollywood Glamour with a modern twist.