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ei8htdreams Has The Cutest Coats To Get You Through Winter

ei8htdreams is a Los Angeles based denim brand located right in the center of the Art District. Their mission is to deliver uniquely romantic and organic designs while making sure that their designs are still affordable and accessible. They constantly travel around the world looking for inspiration and quality materials. If curious about why they decided to name their brand ei8htdreams it is because in the world of dreams the number eight stands for love, friendship, energy, enchantment, harmony, freedom, prosperity, and eternity.

This cute black denim coat has a cool plaid cotton lining and a detachable fur collar that allows you to change up your style. 

This chic and vibrant coat is crafted from luxurious vibrant red thick Italian corduroy and will take you from day to night. 

This fun shearling lined crop jacket is crafted from premium Italian denim, gold metal buttons, detachable fur collar, and features a leather logo patch. 

This wool jacket is the perfect piece to transition f…