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Alchemist Spring 2019 Menswear Collection (10 Pics)

Alchemist originally started off as a high-end fashion boutique based in Miami, Florida and has evolved into designing their own house brand which was featured at NYFW. Today I am featuring cool collectible items from their self-titled Menswear Spring 2019 Collection. 

I was loving the casual and colorful pieces in this collection. I can totally see a lot of this collection being rocked at Coachella or any other music festival setting. I like that the brand used a color palette not generally used in men's fashion.

If bright colors are not for you the brand also offered its designs in more neutral hues and didn't lose any of its creative edge. I also like the skull motif that was used throughout the collection (I am obsessed with skulls and have a huge collection of skulls that I have accumulated over the years).

The jackets in the collection were heavy on the bohemian vibes but I'm good with it. I like the textiles they chose and the use of embroidery with artistic touche…

Tarte Cosmetics Sugar Rush Collection

One of the things that I have always appreciated about Tarte Cosmetics is that they are a company that focuses on making cruelty free, hypoallergenic, and vegan beauty products. All of their offerings are dermatologists tested and when it comes to the eye products they also are ophthalmologist tested which makes them contact lens safe. Who wouldn't love to wear products that you don't have to worry about harming you or causing health problems later on down the line? I know I appreciate the effort and am willing to pay for that option. So, today I am featuring some of the products from their latest release which is perfect for spring and is as sweet as sugar but without the calories. 
KEEP CALM, SUNNIES ON EYESHADOW PALETTE The eyeshadow palette is infused with clay for longer wear and features matte and shimmer finishes. What is even better is that the box that it comes in is made of soy ink which is recyclable.
BEST BUD LIP BUTTER BALM This hydrating lip butter balm is made fr…

Trina Turk Presents A Collection That Is Colorful, Bright, And Lively for Spring 2019

After surviving the Polar Vortex and a winter's worth of snow descending upon us in the last few weeks I have gotten to the point that I am so ready for Spring to begin. While I wait for the weather to catch up to my mood I can comfort myself by looking at the latest collections for Spring 2019. The collection that has gotten me out of my latest winter funk is by the brand, Trina Turk. It was colorful, bright, and lively, with a cool Sixties twist.


Loving the abstract floral print that this 3-piece set is shown in. All of the pieces can be worn separately with other items from your wardrobe and will add an artistic touch to your look. Or you could just rock out in the cool hat.

This jumpsuit is something special. It works for many occasions and will have all eyes on you as you make a stylish entrance. I love an outfit that you can lounge and party in.

A one-piece swimsuit is a must-have staple in every woman's wardrobe, and Trina Turk designed o…

Handbag Designer To Watch (February 2019 Edition) - Stuart Weitzman (4 Faves)

Stuart Weitzman's brand is a go-to for shoe lovers especially since they are most known for designing the shoes that some past nominees have worn at the Academy Awards. Because they are most famous for their show-stopping shoes some of their other offerings have gotten overlooked even though they are just as fabulous. Did you even know that they designed marvelous handbags? If you didn't, today you are in luck, because I am showcasing a few of my faves.

This pouch is perfect for your everyday essentials. It even has slots for your important cards that you use daily. You can carry it on its own or throw it inside of a bigger bag to keep things organized.

This tote is perfect for work or the big bag aficionado. It is available in linen or leather and is a seasonless style option.

Now, this is one fashionable shoebox! Lol! Okay, it is not a literal shoebox but this purse is designed to emulate the shape of one, and it will give your outfit a cool edge. I'm loving the structu…

February Trend Report - Bold Color Block

Wow! February is almost halfway over and it has me thinking about some of the trends that I am digging so far for the new year. One of the bold trends that I am feeling right now is color block. Of course, color blocking has always been in style but it has been having a moment when done in rich and vibrant colors. This is the perfect trend to rock at this time of year as we begin to transition into spring. The current color block pieces that I am showcasing today will help you bridge the gap between the two seasons because the color blocking features rich jewel tones and are made of heavier fabrics.

I Am Loving Vince Camuto's Trendy Jeans

The one thing that I have always appreciated about Vince Camuto's brand is that it has managed to offer cool pieces at an affordable price so you can have the best of both worlds. I was originally browsing through their site looking for some cute shoes but like always I ended up falling into my usual habit and checking out the other stuff they had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the clothing they sell is just as fashionable as their shoe offerings, which is saying a lot because they have only started branching out to designing clothing in the last few years, and it looks like they are already off to a great start. Some of the pieces that caught my eye the most were their jeans. I liked the classic cuts that had trendy details that gave them a modern touch like the ones that I am featuring below but if you are into the classic standards without the extra embellishments and distressing you can find more on their website (here).

Steal of the Day - Forever 21 Studded Faux Leather Crossbody Bag

If you are looking for a cute and affordable bag under $25 today's steal of the day is for you. Today I am featuring a cool crossbody bag from Forever 21 that features an adornment of studs over faux leather. This bag is so versatile because you can wear it over your shoulder, strapped across your torso, or it can be worn as a fanny pack as well. The shoulder strap and chain straps are all removable which makes it easier to switch it up.

SET DETAILS:  Forever 21 Studded Faux Leather Crossbody Bag (Buy Here)

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