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Transitioning Into Fall - The Accessories Update

When the season changes a lot of people assume that they have to buy a whole new wardrobe to deal with the changes in temperature. If that is your thing go right ahead and spend those dollars on a new capsule wardrobe, but personally, I think the only key pieces you may need to update are your accessories. I am a huge fan of layering so I never need to buy a lot when the temperatures drop. I always buy a couple of special pieces that are just for the season, but mostly I wear the same basic wardrobe staples that I wear during the warmer months and layer appropriately by adding sweaters or cardigans. The items that I do invest in is updating my accessories like hats, shoes, and an occasional handbag. 

Since these are seasonal pieces I like to play with fall prints on hats and purses (like the animal print/plaid mix on the beanie, court shoes, and crossbody bag). It is a fun way to elevate wardrobe basics and a great print stands out on a dreary day. Another important purchase is a dur…

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