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Makeup Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

The one thing I firmly believe is that makeup rules are meant to be broken. The rules do serve a purpose but I see them more as flexible guidelines than steadfast rules. Take, for instance, today's makeup look that I am rocking. Beauty mavens will tell you that you should never pair a bold eye with a bold lip. Why? For some it may be too much for me it is not, as long as everything else is a blank canvas. As you can see I kept the blush neutral and to a bare minimum, also the rest of my face is matte and there is not a hint of shimmer or sparkle which makes a bold lip and eye easier to rock. 

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Art of the Day - Tanya Shatseva

" Embroidery " by Tanya Shatseva. Canvas Print. To view more or to purchase visit

The New Summer Jumpsuits Are Here! Which One Will You Choose?

We have officially entered into jumpsuit season after a non-existent spring. If you live in the Midwest states in the USA then you know exactly what I mean. We jumped from winter to scorching heat with a week of mild weather in between, but I will not complain, at least it is not snowing. Which means I can start pulling out and reassessing my summer wardrobe and right now I am determined to add a new jumpsuit to my essentials this season. There are so many to choose from and I am excited to present some of my faves for you today. If you are like me this is one item that will come in handy while we are basking in the heat on a glorious summer day. 

Art of the Day - Deborah Stevenson

" Domestic Terrorism " by Deborah Stevenson. Collage. Paper on Paper. To view more or to purchase visit

Art of the Day - Martin Stranka

" Overgrown " by Martin Stranka. Photography. C-Type on Paper. To view more or to purchase visit

Okay Guys, Shake Up Your Wardrobe With Bohemian Flair!

Okay, Etro is not usually a brand you see a lot of men rocking, especially the average guy, and I can understand why because they tend to veer heavily into the bohemian category. In this day and age when most men are in a committed relationship with hoodies and jeans, it can be difficult for them to acknowledge or try anything outside of their comfort zone. I think men are way worse than women in that area. Generally, people do tend to conform with whatever is the popular norms at the time but you do see more women taking a chance on different styles than you do men. I have always enjoyed men who are so confident in their style choices, taking risks, and stepping outside of the box, but hey, I have always been the kind of girl who enjoyed coloring outside of the lines so I am always appreciative of men who are capable of doing the same.

Some Of The Cutest Wedges For Spring (13 Fashionable Finds)

As the temperatures start to warm up it is time to bring out our spring shoes. My favorite shoes to wear during spring/summer are wedges because they give me some height but with ease. They are way more comfortable than sandals and easier to walk in. So now is the time to start stocking up on them. Today I am showcasing some of the cutest wedges for spring at affordable prices that will not break your budget.