Beauty Trend : Purple Smokey Eye

Beauty Trend : Purple Smokey Eye

A dreamy wash of lavender softens up this sexy style. Intensifying the color at the inner corners opens up eyes and makes them seem bigger.

To nail the look it is best to use two shades of shadow: a deep plum and a pale pink. The pink balances out the depth of purple.
1) Using your fingertip, apply the darker shadow, concentrating on the inner socket of the eye and blend outward while mixing in the pink.
2) Afterward, top off the lid with a few taps of lip balm or Vaseline. The balm gives the powder a nice, creamy texture and keeps it from looking dated. Skip this step if you are already using cream or gel based eye shadow or you will have a runny mess.
3) To finish the look, trace a rich plum liner on the top and bottom lash lines to add emphasis and to underscore the sexiness of the shade.

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