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Toya's Tales Face to Face: Art and Jewelry

  Hello Lovelies!   As you can see I'm feeling inspired this morning.  As an artist, I am continuously scanning my surroundings for things that will put me in the mood to create.   What caught my eye this morning was some paintbrushes 🖌 gifted to me by my love and some of my jewelry.  I was instinctively drawn to gold, white, yellow, blue, and purple. Which led me to start thinking about what base color could bring it all together.  I eventually came to the conclusion that black was the answer.  I was so inspired after that little brainstorm that I started working on a new painting featuring two figures face to face. It is in intriguing because you don't know if they are about to kiss or if they are discussing something intensely.  You're not sure what the exchange of energy is. I will continue to work on it and see where it takes me.   If you would like to buy prints of my other finished work  (Click Here)   If you would like to buy my original artwork   (Click Here)

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