A Hairstyle That Will Keep Your Hair in Check on a Windy Spring Day

We have all been there. You spend your precious minutes in the morning making sure you hair is perfectly in place. You walk outside and WHAM! Your hit with a gust of wind that leaves your hairdo a total mess. That's why I always carry a hair emergency kit in my purse. The most important tools for me are the hair pins and headbands. So wherever I go I can always save my look by creating a messy updo and dressing it up with a fancy headband.

To achieve the look:

1) Use your hands to rake your hair back.

2) Braid hair, coil into an updo, and secure with hair pins.

3) Rough up your hairline with your fingers or a dry shampoo.

4) Add the finishing touch with a fashionable  and glamorous headband. 

Below are a few of my favorite headbands.

Ellie Headband
Ellie Headband (Buy Here)
Geneva Headband
Geneva Headband (Buy Here)

Ellie Gunmetal
Ellie Gunmetal Headband (Buy Here)


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