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Update Your Home With Black And Gold

I have always loved the color combo of black and gold, it doesn't matter if it is clothing, accessories, or home furnishings, something about the combination just does it for me. It is eye-catching and always makes a statement together. Some may think it is a bit gaudy and over the top but that has always been a part of its appeal for me. It can give off so many different vibes from edgy to punk, and it can come off very masculine at times, but it can also be very sophisticated and chic. It just depends on your personality and specific style taste. 
Today I am featuring some of my favorite black and gold items for your home. Does the color combination suit your style?
(I get a commission on purchases or clicks made through some of the links in this post.)

Black and Gold Starburst Mirror (Buy Here)
Jonathan Adler Maxime Daybed (Buy Here)
Roberto Cavalli Salome Silk Cushion (Buy Here)
Williams-Sonoma Gold and Black Abstracts Set of 4 (Buy Here)
Heathfield & Co Crete Table Lamp Brass

My Favorite Mesh Dresses For Fall

According to Wikipedia, " Mesh is a loosely woven or knitted fabric that has a large number of closely spaced holes." That is an accurate definition but in my mind mesh is the overlooked sister of tulle. They really closely resemble each other but tulle gets all of the attention because it is featured in fancier frocks and classic ballerina costumes. Mesh is more like the cooler, edgier sister that rebels and are usually associated with punk, urban, and sportier designs. The thing is mesh gets a bad rap because it can be just as sophisticated and pretty as tulle and luckily in the last few fashion seasons designers are starting to understand that. They are designing clothing that showcases mesh in all of its beauty and glory.

(I get a commission on purchases or clicks made through some of the links in this post.)

Art of the Day - Anna Matykiewicz

" Comical " by Anna Matykiewicz. Watercolor and Graphic Pen on paper. To view more or to purchase visit

My Favorites From The Kate Spade New York Fall 2017 Collection

For Fall 2017 designer Deborah Lloyd was inspired by the iconic African-American entertainer Josephine Baker, actress and well-known flapper Louise Brooks, and the painting " Le Coquelicot " by artist Kees Van Dongen. When I found out what her inspiration was for this season the first thing I thought was that obviously, she was going to make some references from the 1920's -1930's since her icons were at their height of fame during this time. 

What I didn't expect to see was how much of the collection had Russian and Eastern European influences but when I gave it some thought it did kind of make sense because during those decades a lot of art and fashion was influenced by that regions opulence. 

With so many different influences a collection can seem as if it is doing too much, but I was pleasantly surprised with the final outcome. She referenced the past without it being too overt. I especially liked the capes and longer silhouettes that were presented. 

I had …

My Favorite Bow Dress For The Office

I must admit I have a love/hate relationship with bows. I'm not a fan of the over girly versions featured on clothing or used as accessories but I do like the minimal and modern versions I have seen in the past few years. I like them simple and clean and not frilly. Basically, I prefer to look chic and elegant instead of frou-frou or prissy. 
One place that I think bows really work is in the office, especially when it is featured on a dress. To be honest, if you have a bow detail on your clothing there really isn't a need to wear a lot of accessories, because a bow speaks volumes. It is basically a statement accessory on its own so I usually wear the bare minimum when it comes to jewelry when rocking this particular detail because there is no need to detract from the star of the show. Plus, it is not a good idea to overdo it with jewelry at the office anyway because it can be too distracting and not practical unless you work in a creative field. Just add a sophisticated bag a…