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Barbara Bui Offered A Collection Full of Black & White Graphic Pieces For Fall/Winter 2018

I have always been a huge fan of Barbara Bui as a brand and designer. Her aesthetic is well known in the fashion world but to an outsider, she may be considered an up and coming designer because she doesn't have the same name recognition like Prada or Chanel. Her designs are usually full of bright and beautiful colors with feminine tailoring so I was taken aback initially when I first saw her Fall/Winter 2018 Collection. Instead of the bold colors that I had grown accustomed to in their place was a collection consisting entirely of black and white pieces. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the classic color combination of black and white and it is one of my favorite color combinations that I have showcased on my blog, it is just that I wasn't expecting it from this particular designer. This was totally different than what I have come to expect from her, nevertheless, I was still impressed with what she presented. The brand mostly focused on separates this season, which from …

Happy Holidays 2018

As we close out the year I wanted to take the time to wish all of you a Happy Holidays! I hope this holiday season is wonderful and filled with love and joy. 

Rock Red Like A Boss

I used to be intimidated by the color red and would always pass it up when shopping. I thought it would be so hard to find a variation of the shade that would work for me but in this past year, I have become kind of obsessed with the color. It first started with a little red lipstick here and there, and then I scooped up a red accessory or two, and the next thing I know I have found myself being drawn to red dresses when shopping. Maybe it is the holiday spirit influencing me because the color red is everywhere at this time of year so it could be affecting me and how I view the color. Which started me to thinking about if there is a way to wear the color during the holiday season without looking like a Mrs. Claus impersonator. So I started thinking about it seriously and not only did I find one of the cutest red dresses ever but I also realized the pitfalls to avoid so it doesn't look like you are trying to audition to be Santa's next wife. If you are going to wear red and wh…

The Cutest Festive Headbands for New Year's Eve

No matter where you are at on New Year's Eve the easiest way to rock a festive look is by wearing a themed headband. It is easy to take on and off and most times will work with all types of outfits even if you are wearing it dancing around the house in your pajamas. I searched all over the internet to try to find the cutest headbands and I continuously kept running into one brand over and over again that I liked. The brand was Capelli and they had some marvelous headbands to choose from. Today I am showcasing three of my favorites for this New Year's Eve festivities. 

AEO Capelli Happy New Year Headband (Buy Here)

AEO Capelli Tinsel Headband (Buy Here)

AEO Capelli 2019 Headband (Buy Here)

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Rock A Metallic Jumpsuit For New Year's Eve

This year has flown by so quickly. I don't know if it is because I am just getting older but time seems to be speeding right past me at warp speed. Now that we are in December it is time to start thinking about what we will wear for one of the biggest celebrations of the year which is New Year's Eve. Since it is such a festive time I always like to wear clothing that will make me stand out and shimmer as bright as the New Year's Eve Ball that they drop at midnight. The only surefire way to sparkle on that night is to wear a metallic jumpsuit. It will have you standing out against the masses while keeping you warm in the frigid temps. One of the reasons that I am recommending jumpsuits this year is because you don't have to worry about finding separates that work well together and you don't need much when it comes to accessorizing because a metallic one is all of the jewelry you need. Just add a bag and cute shoes and you are good to go. If you want maximum impact …

Back Beat Rags Offers Affordable Clothing While Minimizing Their Impact On The Environment

California bred Isadora Alvarez took her store Back Beat Rags from a shop specializing in vintage tees and turned it into a lifestyle brand known for elevated fashion basics. The brand focuses on wearable tees, sweatshirts, and dresses that they infuse with vintage-inspired details in a modern way. All of their clothing is made in Los Angeles. They buy locally knitted fabrics and work with small family-owned businesses to create their wonderful designs. Which means that Back Beat Rags support local makers and create jobs at every rung of the supply ladder, while also minimizing their impact on the environment. They are also known for using low impact goods like GOTS-certified organic cotton, recycled cotton, hemp, and tencel. The best part of it all is that they manage to do all of that while keeping the price point on their clothes super affordable. You just gotta love it!

Straight From The Runway - The Best Of The Oliver Spencer Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

For this collection designer, Oliver Spencer was clearly inspired by seventies Dandyism. The collection was very nostalgic with hints of modern references thrown in. I adored the sailor caps, luxurious velvet, and tailoring that accentuated and enhanced the man's torso and build. It was enough to make me want to snap up this collection and I am not even a man. I can see myself wearing one of his nipped in velvet blazers layered over a long maxi knit dress, but enough of my fantasizing. and let's get back to his standout designs.

NEUTRALS WITH A TWIST If you are into neutrals than this collection is for you. Spencer created a fun spin on classic cuts and tailoring. Neutrals can come off as a tad bit boring but he played with shapes and still kept the designs elegant and classic.

CASUAL MOOD If you are into more of a casual or sporty style he also offered a lot of options to choose from. His casual wear was most definitely not an afterthought. He focused just as much on his sport…

Gift Guide - Obsessed With Marble

Over the years marble has become a symbol of tradition and refined taste. It has always been a mainstay in home design and construction, but recently it has been showing up more frequently in fashion and other realms. It has become a sought-after decorative material because no one piece is alike because of its varied patterns. I am especially excited to see prints inspired by marble being used in fashion design because I am not used to imagining it in that way and I enjoy the unexpected sophistication that it brings. So, today I am showcasing some of my favorite gift ideas for the marble obsessed.  Enjoy! 

SET DETAILS:  Flirtitude Sweatshirt (Buy Here) Slip Marble Sleep Mask (Buy Here) Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Wellington Booties (Buy Here) BH Cosmetics Marble Lux 10 piece Brush Set (Buy Here)

Art of the Day - Cinta Vidal

" Cats Home " by Cinta Vidal. Fine Art Print. To view or to purchase visit

Trend Alert - Embellished Tops

The law of the land dictates that we can not walk around topless so if you are going to wear a shirt you might as well wear an embellished top. Not only is embellishments one of the big trends of this year but when worn on a top it draws the eye upward and towards your gorgeous face. Plus, this is the season when you can do no wrong when it comes to embellishments, and a versatile top adorned with pretty details can be worn to holiday or office parties, for date night or clubbing, or just because you feel like it. So if you are looking for an investment in a style that will pay dividends for years to come an embellished top is the way to go. 

Self Portrait Embellished Velvet one Shoulder Top (Buy Here) Ralph Lauren Premier Ankle Jeans (Buy Here) Banana Republic Beaded Drop Earrings (Buy Here) Nine West Orianna Circle Crossbody Bag (Buy Here) Raye Jude Heel (Buy Here) Hourglass Curator Realist Defining Mascara (Buy Here) Koh Gen Do Long Lush Treatment Mascara (Buy Here) Hayley…

Gift Guide For The Adult Beverage Lover

I must admit that I love a good adult beverage and when I say "adult beverage" I mean a strong alcoholic drink. The key to enjoying a good stiff drink is moderation, when you get sloppy drunk you miss all of the notes and flavors that are essential to making a well-balanced concoction. So today's holiday gift guide is for the responsible drinker in your life who you can appreciate a good cocktail or two with. 

Fred & Friends Gin Recipe Glass (Buy Here) Essential Cocktail Mixer 4-Piece Set (Buy Here) Alcohol-Infused Jam (Buy Here) Qiilu 4 Bottle Wine Dispenser (Buy Here)


Elevated casual style has inspired the way I dressed for most of my life. Let me explain what I mean when I say elevated, simply, it is just taking your average basic items and kicking it up a style notch. It means not leaving out the house looking like I just rolled out of bed and appearing as if I just don't give a f*ck. Take for instance a sweater which is a standard staple in most people's closet. If I rock one I always look for unusual detail or design elements that would make it stand out from the average sweater. Another way to elevate your casual style is always making sure that you accessorize, that seems like such a simple and easy thing to do but you would be surprised of how many people I see out and about who literally have not one accessory on their body. If you really just sit and watch people you will realize how common that problem is and how much of a difference a few well-selected accessories can change your whole look. Instead of running out the house for a…

Gift Guide For The Coffee Lover

Today is the official start of the holiday shopping season and to commemorate the event I will be sharing some of my favorite gift guides. Most of the guides I will be sharing this year will be centered around very specific, fun and quirky themes. Today's holiday gift guide is focusing on some cool items for the coffee lover in your life.

I am one of those strange people who didn't start drinking coffee until I was thirty. Before that, I always thought that coffee tasted like dirty water. Good thing my taste buds have evolved since then. Even though I am not a heavy daily coffee drinker I have been known to appreciate a well-made cup every so often. So I can appreciate why people go so crazy over the caffeinated beverage. If you know someone who can't start their day off without a fresh cup of freshly brewed coffee this fun gift guide for the coffee lover will come in handy.

NOFU Clothing Coffee Heartbeat T-shirt (Buy Here) Where To Drink Coffee Hardcover Book