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I Love Prada's Black And White Dress

Finally, Prada has caught my attention! The brand has always had iconic handbags but I have never really found their clothing that appealing. Usually, when I am checking out the latest collections I always skip right past them because I assumed I had their aesthetic all figured out but sometimes a brand will surprise me, which they did when I saw this beautiful black and white overprint dress. I loved how they balanced using a graphic print with proper placement. The print is so eye-catching that when I first looked at it I didn't even realize it was a print. They placed the print at key places that I like to accentuate when rocking a frock. The print highlighted the chest and waist area which creates an hourglass shape even if you do not have one. It is slimming and shapely which is key for me. 

When styling this set I wanted to keep the palette pretty simple, so I stuck with a black and white theme when it came to the accessories. I added a pair of modern dangle earrings from A…

Christian Louboutin Rubylou Cross-Body Bag

Christian Louboutin went back to his designer roots when he designed his Rubylou Cross-Body Bag. The bag features his "love" motif that he debuted in his first collection back in 1991. Since everything nineties is cool again this was the perfect time to bring back a part of his collection that was so nostalgic for him, especially since his brand has grown so much. Now he is an international icon and household name so it is always so cool to see a designer reference some of the moments that have helped them grow into the success that they are today.

Christian Louboutin Rubylou Cross-Body Bag (Buy Here)

The designer also added the "love" motif to other styles of handbags that he offers. Sometimes the motif is designed in leather or an arty graffiti print. Below are a few examples of how he worked with the iconic motif. 

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Lust Worthy - Maison Boinet Grommet Bucket Bag

I have always had a thing for grommets. I love the edgy detail on clothing, shoes, and accessories. Whenever I see anything with grommets I automatically want to snatch it up, so when I saw this Maison Boinet Grommet Bucket Bag I had to add it to my lust-worthy list. It features a long chain strap so you can wear it as a crossbody or you can switch it up and use the top handle option as well. It also works well for day or night.

Maison Boinet Grommet Bucket Bag(Buy Here)

Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Shorts

You either hate them or love them. I'm never quite sure how I feel about them. Sometimes I hate how matronly and unflattering culottes can be but other times they are designed so well that I can understand their appeal. They are comfortable and easier to move in than a skirt and are cut at a modest length that most women find comfortable and are dressier than pants. Despite some of their positive selling points they haven't really caught on since the 70s but every so often a designer tries their hand at designing a trendy version. This year the designers and brand that decided to showcase their sophisticated version of culottes are Dolce & Gabbana. I love what they offered because there is no mistaking that they are meant to be a special purchase. They named their design the Miss Sicily Shorts and they are a standout piece. Made of silk and cotton with a whimsical cursive script on the hem they are designed to be the star of the show. I would style it with a sim…

Can't Get This Balmain Dress Out of My Mind

Today's set is featuring a Balmain dress that I have been noticing everywhere. It seems as if the dress was calling out for a spotlight. I first noticed the dress when I was searching for another item and after that, I saw it a few more times on different websites. At first, I was surprised that it caught my eye, but I think the zig-zag pattern was the thing that did it for me. It is not a pattern that I tend to gravitate towards but this time I was feeling it. I think the placement of the pattern was perfect and I love the black and white color combination. I think it would be a cool dress for a party or a night out. I created a fun, interesting, and bold outfit that is perfect for a festive evening.

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Style Stars - 9/5/2018

Hello, lovelies! 
Today I am presenting my weekly roundup of Hollywood and fashion style stars that have caught my eye. 
Which one is your fave?