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My Favorite Leather Dresses For Fall

Now that it is autumn and a bit cooler this is the perfect time to pull out your favorite leather pieces. Even though summer leather exists I prefer the heavier pieces that truly only work when the weather is cold. Leather tends to be durable and flexible and it can also be oiled to improve its water resistance. 
For today's post, I am focusing on some of the coolest leather dresses for fall. Some are edgy, flirty, embellished, or minimalist, but they are all right on trend. 

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Art of the Day - Patricia Ariel

" Le Voyage " by Patricia Ariel. Oil on Wood. To view more or to purchase visit

Trend Alert: Houndstooth Bags

The one thing I like about a houndstooth pattern is that is a classic but somehow designers find a way to make it cool and trendy each season. They may pair it with an unusual cut, mix it with another opposite fabric, or put it on an unexpected accessory.

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Today I am focusing on some of the coolest and most versatile houndstooth bags for autumn. Even though the pattern has been very popular for the past few seasons what has captured my attention is the pattern on handbags. A houndstooth bag is all that you need to add that extra special touch to your outfit, especially if you are rocking a monotone look.

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My Favorite Looks From The Tanya Taylor F/W 2018 Collection

Tanya Taylor stepped out of her comfort zone and added a bit of glam to her fall/winter collection for 2018. She still showcased her usual pretty prints and figure flattering silhouettes but this time she added metallic pieces and updated wardrobe staples with a cool designer twist.

A sparkly metallic top or dress is the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe. Tanya Taylor made a metallic turtleneck, top, and dress that would be perfect for a party and the upcoming holiday season. Plus they rarely go out of style and can be worn for years to come.

Taylor threw in her signature prints this season but offered us a more deconstructed version of them. She first painted the flowers on canvas, uploaded the finished result to her computer and then manipulated the print by taking out identifiable features for a more artistic take on the traditional floral print.


Some of the more wearable pieces in the collection was her take on fall/winter basics. S…

Art of the Day - Andre Mckee

"First Day Of Spring 2" by Andre McKee. Photography. Digital Manipulation. To view more or to purchase visit

My Favorites From The Boss Fall 2018 Menswear Collection

When I was growing up I remember the menswear brand Boss for nice classic suits and superb tailoring. They were a high-end fashion brand that pretty much exclusively catered to the corporate set, so if you did not exist in that realm, you really wouldn't be checking for them. That has all changed with their new chief brand officer, Ingo Wilts. Since he joined the brand he has pushed their design direction into sportier territory without abandoning the classic elements that Boss was known for. Wilts has named the new design aesthetic as "sporty tailoring " which perfectly encapsulates what the brand is offering for fall/winter. 

Rock The Vote 2018

For all of you voters out there the midterm and local 2018 elections are right around the corner. If you want a cool way to spread the message of voting and want to be fashionable at the same time a few designers have presented us with a selection of "Vote" statement tees that will get your point across without even having to utter one word. By the way, if you are planning to vote you should check out the voting schedule in your area ahead of time since a lot of new election and polling laws have been passed in several states in the past few years. Most midterm and local elections are being held in November but in some areas voting will start as early as this month. 

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