How I Rock It - Featured Guest Blogger SJ From FASHinNY

Featured Guest Blogger SJ from

I have a special treat for you, my dearest Toya's Tales readers, today I am featuring a fabulous guest blogger. SJ from FASHinNY inspires me with her style savvy. She has a knack for incorporating different styles and influences and owning it. Below she gives us a peek into her style genius, and who wouldn't be curious with what this style maven has to offer. Also check out her fab blog at . This is how she rocks it!

Name: SJ

Home: New York, NY

Personal Style: My style is a bit eclectic and not easy to pin down. I am inspired by so many different things and love to incorporate it all into my wardrobe. I am a true city girl, taking in inspiration from the streets as well as the runway and finding some happy medium in between. During the week you can find me in jeans, booties, and casual tops. I love to have a lot of transitional pieces in my wardrobe - I tend to take my Summer wardrobe all the way through the seasons by throwing on a cardigan or a fabulous blazer to make it season appropriate. On the weekends I like to spice it up a bit by adding heels, throwing in a mix of dresses, lots of fabulous jewelry and a pop of color on my lips.

Fashion Influences: I am a huge fan of Michelle Williams, Diane Kruger, and Olivia Palermo. Michelle Williams always looks polished and fabulous on the red carpet yet perfects that weekday comfortable chic-look that I emulate. Diane Kruger loves to take risk with her wardrobe and always gets it right whether it's hippie-chic style or a more dressed up look I am always a huge fan. Olivia Palermo is the epitome of NY-Upper East Side socialite yet she always adds pieces that take that classic look to the next level. I love the patterns and leather that she incorporates into her wardrobe and she is known for her amazing shoes and perfectly matched accessories.
Designer Inspiration: The designers I love to follow are Elie Saab, Prabal Gurung and Zac Posen. I love the glamour that they bring to the runway and their pieces are always to die for!


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