A Weekend Adventure

I love a great weekend adventure. Especially the kind that takes place right where you live. The perfect stay-cation.You get to rediscover the beauty of your city, see your favorite haunts through new eyes, or savor the delights you never knew existed.
Why spend that special time of getting reacquainted with your city in dumpy clothing? You don't have to save your cute summer gear for vacations out of town or an exotic locale. Go ahead and wear it now. Break out those cute sunglasses, your camera, and comfortable yet chic flats to commemorate your appreciation for the city that you call home.

A Weekend Adventure


  1. Hello,
    I love the top and i 'm agree with you, sometime we have to discover again our city...that's always something new to see ;. I wish you a nice sunday!


    1. Thank you Stefania! It's great to discover new things about the city you reside in. It helps you appreciate it more.

  2. Lovely jeans! :)

    Eva ♥


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