Sail Away From The Safe Harbor

In the summer there is nothing more quintessentially American then the nautical trend. Because it is a classic look it can sometimes read as too safe or a little boring. Which got me thinking about how I could add a modern twist to this enduring style without taking away the elements that make it so special. I kept all of the traditional elements of nautical style such as the color scheme, stripes and espadrilles. To update the look I incorporated two of the biggest trends this season: a crop top and a midi skirt.

Style Note: The perfect makeup to accompany this outfit would be a twist on the classic cat eye. This makeup look is quick and easy to achieve. Apply foundation and concealer as needed. Next line your top lid and extend up and out. Line the bottom lid following the same guidelines above but start the line at the middle instead of at the corner of your eye. That way it opens up your eye instead of making it appear smaller.

Sail Away From The Safe Harbor


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