Updo How-To: The All- Purpose Bun

Updo How-To: The All- Purpose Bun

The inspiration was Grace Kelly meets rock chic.
1. Apply mousse  to wet hair, from the roots all the way to the ends.
2. Dry your whole head with just warm air--no brush. Work your hands from side to side, up, down and around in order to keep a natural feel and build volume at the roots.
3. Brush the hair out  and use dry shampoo  all over to add texture.
4. Pull the hair back gently and softly so it doesn't look carefully constructed, then twist the back into a messy bun. Secure using straight hairpins, twisting each pin as you insert it to create texture all around the head. A bit of messiness and a few flyways are OK.
5. Finish with hairspray.



  1. I love this updo!! Nice blog by the way

    1. Thank you Jessica for checking us out!


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