Summer Parties- What Should I Wear?

So, it's that time of year again where I start to get a lot of invites for summer parties or weddings. Which I dread and not because of the actual festivities. I just hate trying to figure out what to wear. The perfect outfit would keep me comfortable and dry in heat, be wrinkle proof, lightweight, and still manage to make me look appropriate for the event but also stylish. You get my drift... it's trickier than a geometry equation. Luckily for us, designers have been in a charitable mood these past few seasons, and have been churning out endless options for us to choose from. Below are a few my faves that should keep you going until the end of this summer season.

Yumi Kim (Buy Here)

Gretchen Scott (Buy Here)
ELOQUII (Buy Here)

MLM The Label (Buy Here)
Updated 12/2016

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