I'm No Wallflower

My starting point for styling this set was the gorgeous beauty inspiration image of a model with beautiful red hair. What really caught my eye about this image was how her streaks contrasted against her base color. The color ended up being this interesting hybrid of grey and mint green, and when I ran across the metallic green bomber jacket featured in the set I knew I was on to something. So I followed my inspiration and came up with this bold and graphic ensemble.

Rocking this look you are most definitely letting the world know that you're no wallflower.

I'm No Wallflower

Carven black top

Carven flight jacket
$540 - avenue32.com

Paule Ka pencil skirt
$655 - harrods.com

Carven black purse
$340 - monnierfreres.co.uk

Hair Edgy and Seductive

Romwe--Latest High Street Fashion Online


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