Outfit of the Day - Summer In The City

I have missed you guys! I'm back after a much needed break to rejuvenate my mind, body, and soul. I was starting to feel a little stifled, maybe it was the heat or the sameness of everything around me. Who knows? But after a couple of days of trying to view everything around me with new eyes and rediscovering the beauty within I am back with a new edition of Outfit of the Day. This time my inspiration was the city and it's sweltering heat. I found this fabulous Tibi dress with an exciting print of the city emblazoned across the front, and yes, my inspiration is quite literal. I just couldn't resist, and boy did I try. At first glance I thought the print was a bit much and a little too in your face, but as I sat and stared it began to grow on me. You can either downplay the print or just roll with it. For me the answer was simple: I was going to roll with it. I'm not big on buying something that you have to tone down, if it doesn't fit within your sensibilities pass it up and go with something more minimalistic. I decided to play up the elements that attracted me to the dress, which was its pops of neon color and the urban vibe. I paired the dress with Lanvin sandals, and added bursts of color with a Michael Kors ring & a Jimmy Choo clutch. Who says you can't look chic and have a little fun while trying to conquer the urban jungle?

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Lanvin flat shoes

Jimmy choo
$680 - cricket-fashion.com

Michael kors jewelry


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