The Home Advantage - Modern and Colorful Throws From Uppercase

I love to use throws to change the whole mood of a room. In winter I pull out the heavier knit and wool throws for warmth, and when the seasons change and the temperatures start to rise I replace them with throws that lighten the mood with colors and prints. This season I am so enamored with Uppercase for  their collection of bold, in-your-face modern throws. Below are a few of my faves from Uppercase's collection and you can check out the rest of their offerings at .

Knitted Throw: Perestoika
Perestoika Knitted Throw (View Here)

Knitted Throw: Little Green Pie...
Little Green Knitted Throw (View Here)

Knitted Throw: Big Apple
Big Apple Knitted Throw (View Here)

* All images courtesy of Uppercase. *

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