Let Your Beauty Shine Through

As I get older I have fallen into the routine of wearing a minimal amount of makeup. Basically, my makeup routine consists of applying a primer, foundation, concealer if needed, loose powder, a hint of liner, and mascara. If I am getting fancy I might add a bit of blush and lip color. If it is a super special occasion I might even bring out the eyeshadow. Generally speaking, though I like to keep it simple. As I get older and look in the mirror I see the passing of time, a hint of a wrinkle, and a bit of world-weariness. I have grown fond of the image staring back at me and decided to let my beauty shine through. Don't get me wrong I can get excited about the latest must-have beauty product or a new tantalizing shade of makeup, but it is a nice change of pace not to be hidden behind so many layers of war paint. That's why I loved the image of the model I used in today's beauty set. She looks like she is glowing from within and her makeup celebrates her beautiful features without overpowering or altering her appearance. With so much contouring and heavy makeup that is so popular nowadays, I am sometimes shocked when I see a person without their made-up face because they end up looking like a totally different person. I wonder if we have become so obsessed with the ideal beauty standard that we no longer can appreciate what makes us special and unique.

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  1. I do agree with you, LaToya. My makeup has always been simple but these days I concentrate more on my base. My base is always dewy, fresh and natural. I think at my age, showing fresh skin is best.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I agree with you Shireen. As long as my base is flawless I am good to go.


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