The Modern Canopy Bed

I have never been a fan of canopy beds because I always felt they were a little too ornate, fussy and frilly for my decorating taste. Until recently I tended to be more inclined to look at a platform bed, but the other day I was on Kohl's website and was shocked that I was really digging this modern take on the canopy bed that they offered. I was also loving how they decorated the room as well. Unfortunately, they only had the bed for sale and I could not find the other items they used to decorate the room on their website so I decided to recreate the look with similar items that I found from other sources. 

The Modern Canopy Bed #ToyasTales

Homevance Barton Hills Canopy Bed (Buy Here) 
Tremeca Starburst Mirror (Buy Here) 
Cross-Legged Bedside Table (Buy Here) 
CB2 Rizzo Pillow  
Square Feathers Ming Decorative Pillow (Buy Here) 
Duck Throw Pillow (Buy Here) 
Pier 1 Seraphina Pillow (Buy Here)


  1. That canopy bed looks wonderful
    so cute and cosy and home-like

    1. Yes it has the perfect mix of coziness and style.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ray. It is not to expensive as furniture goes. I would say the bed is mid-range in pricing.

  3. Aah, that looks amazing ♥

  4. This bed looks so cute. Don't you think it would look even better if the canopy was black? Those pillows are so chic though..

    1. It could work just as well in black but I like the unexpected cream color. Also depending on the size of the room a black canopy bed could take up a lot of visual space.

  5. I'm not a huge fan of canopy bed, it's just too regal for my taste however I adore that stardust mirror! That would look so pretty at home.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I am obsessed with starburst mirrors. I have a few and they work with many decorating styles.


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