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Work It - Office Style (Black, White and Yellow)

When I first saw this image of this inspiring office space by interior designer Abbe Finemore I was slightly taken aback by the yellow accents. Only because I was not used to seeing that particular hue used in a work environment before. After sitting and looking at the picture for awhile I realized that I really liked it after getting used to the idea. Yellow is a bright and energetic color which is really perfect for when you are trying to get work done. It will most definitely keep you awake during the midday slump, and the black wall color grounds the whole room so the yellow does not overwhelm the space.
So I started to wonder if I could style an outfit for work using the same color scheme without it being too overpowering for the work environment. To my surprise, it worked surprisingly well. The key is just using the yellow as an accent color and making sure to keep the look really streamlined. I never knew a bit of yellow could be so sophisticated.

Marks and Spencer Collection Min…

Art of the Day - Richard Bailey


A Cool Beauty (My 7 Favorite Lace Skirts For Spring)

Lace is a delicate and beautiful fabric. The material is so feminine and womanly. I always feel so beautifully adorned and ladylike when I wear lace. Right now I'm really into lace skirts. They work for the office, date night, parties and can be dressed down with sneakers as well. Today's set is showcasing one way I would style a lace skirt by MSGM. 
*Style Tip*  When wearing lace make sure to keep everything else in your outfit simple and minimal to highlight the beautiful craftsmanship of the skirt.

Pure Collection Abbey Cashmere Jumper (Buy Here)
MSGM Floral Lace Piped Skirt (No Longer Available) 
Sorrelli Swarovski Crystal Deco Drop Earrings (Buy Here)
Tadashi Shoji Crepe and Embellished Lace Box Clutch (Buy Here)
Aldo Sandals (Buy Here)

The lace stunner above is no longer available but I have provided some beautiful alternatives all under $100. 

A Suede Dress - Slicker Than Your Average (My 7 Favorite Suede & Faux Suede Dresses For Spring)

I love suede it is such a soft and supple fabric. The material is so pliable and thin which makes it perfect for spring. The key to pulling off suede during the warmer months is to buy it in soft light colors and accessorizing it perfectly. One thing to remember though is that suede is a delicate fabric and absorbs liquid quickly which will ruin it so make sure to wear suede on a sunny day with no rain in sight.

A Suede Dress - Slicker Than Your Average by latoyacl featuring a shift dress

Jitrois Atlantic Grey Suede Shift Dress (Buy Here)
Chico's Cinda Stud Earrings (Buy Here)
Judith Leiber Tuxedo Clutch (Buy Here)
Gianvito Rossi Ankle Boots (Buy Here)
Model: Elle Trowbridge 

A designer suede dress can be expensive so below are a few of my favorite lower priced suede and faux suede options.  

Beauty And The Beat - A Bold Red Semi Gloss Lip

Usually, I am very decisive when it comes to my makeup. I have very strong viewpoints on what looks good on me and what formulations I'm willing to try. That especially holds true when it comes to lipstick. Throughout my teenage years and young adulthood, I was drawn to bright shiny glosses. Since I grew up in a very strict home I could not wear makeup at all, so when I became an adult I tended to veer towards high gloss shine. Which was cool but I did not like the stickiness and having to reapply all of the time. As I entered my thirties my taste changed as I learned more about myself and I realized that most of my beauty inspiration came from old pictures of women in the 1940's and 1950's. I loved the classic sophisticated glamour of a powdered face, a neutral eye, and a matte lipstick. When I say matte, I mean a very ultra-matte finish. It stayed put and got the job done but it could be drying at times. Mattes are my overall favorite but after rocking them all winter I …

Straight From The Runway - My 8 Faves From The Altuzarra Spring 2016 Collection

The fabrics used in Joseph Altuzarra's spring 2016 collection are perfect for everyday life. There was a lot of natural materials used like cotton, linen and burlap. As he put it, " things which are not fussy, and meant to look wrinkled". The collection had an elegant ease, and some of my favorite pieces were the jumpsuit, a formfitting spaghetti strap white knee length dress, a beautiful black and white blazer over a white pleated skirt and pretty espadrilles.

Art of the Day - Yi Shin Chiang


Rave Fashion - Coachella Music Festival Style (My 6 Favorite Denim Mini Skirts)

This weekend kicked off one of the biggest music festivals here in the United States in Indio, California. I'm sure most of you fashionistas from around the world have heard of the Coachella Music Festival where fashion, music, and art collides. Your favorite starlets, celebrities, models, and bloggers converge to check out each other's style and to rock out to the hottest musical acts. Lately, my social media feeds have been overrun with pictures from this year's event and it got me thinking that if I had attended this year what would be my must-have items. Today's set showcases a few items that will keep you looking stylish while attending a similar event. 
Natural Hair/Minimal Makeup: At outdoor festivals, you are usually packed into a hot sweaty crowd. It would save a lot of time and effort to wear your hair closest to its natural state as possible. No need to risk damaging your hair with styling tools when you will have to deal with the elements. The same goes for …

Straight From The Runway - My 7 Faves From The Whit Spring 2016 Collection

A  quick glance at Whit's Spring 2016 collection makes it fairly obvious that designer Whitney Pozgay was inspired by Africa - specifically the African Savannah. Her collection was full of shift dresses, flowy off the shoulder blouses and a series of tribal prints. What makes this collection unique is that each tribal print was handmade which added an artisan touch. Overall I thought the collection was very wearable and I thought she used the prints in a refreshingly crisp way. The funny thing is the item I was drawn to the most was that fantastic hat worn by the model in image #4. It was so chic and simply irresistible.

Art of the Day - Magnus Gjoen


Rugged Rascal - Business Casual Wardrobe Staples

Today is a special day in Toya's Tales history. Even though I have written blog post pertaining to men's fashion I have never actually created a set specifically designed to showcase different styles a man could wear to the office. So today's set is a special one and it is showing some of the items I find appropriate to wear in a business casual environment. All of my finds below are great on their own and perfect when worn together. They are all classic and timeless staples that will last a lifetime no matter what trends may come and go.

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Turn Down Collar Trench Coat (Buy Here)
H2H Mens Basic V-Neck Long Sleeve Shirt (Buy Here)
River Island Dark Grey Houndstooth Pants (Buy Here)
Gucci Horsebit Leather Loafers (Buy Here)
Ray-Ban RB3029 Av…

The Home Advantage - Parisian Elegance

Usually I am not into classically feminine interior spaces. I tend to lean towards a slightly more masculine and contemporary aesthetic but when I ran across this beautifully designed space by designer Emanuela Marchesini (picture below) I was enamored with the sophisticated elegance it exuded.

The interior space had a vintage Parisian vibe that I was drawn to so I decided to use that as the theme for today's set. Below are a few of my finds that will luxe up your favorite seating area in your home.

Universal Lighting and Decor Teramo Champagne Glass Chandelier (Buy Here)
Universal Lighting and Decor Madison Velvet Sofa (Buy Here)
La Belle Jardiniere Art (Buy Here)
Plant Study Hand Painted Linen Throw Pillow (Buy Here)

Below are a few more of my favorite finds that will add Parisian elegance to your home!