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These Aren't Your Ordinary Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are a style staple that we are all familiar with. Lately, though, it seems as if designers are trying to expand how we think about them by introducing all kinds of unusual design elements. If you are tired of the regular classic style you are in luck because designers are giving you plenty of unique options to choose from. 
What style suits your personality?

Art of the Day - Donalee Peden Wesley

" Speak To Me " by Donalee Peden Wesley. Drawing. Charcoal and Pastel on Paper. To view more or to purchase visit

2018 Trend Alert - Animal Print Platform Sandals

I'm a Leo, so as a lioness I have always been drawn to animal prints. They are graphic, fun, cool, and funky. Who wouldn't want to be all of that? Well, this season it is easy to capture that vibe because one of the biggest trends this year is to rock a pretty pair of animal print platform sandals. The cool thing about animal print platforms is that they can perfectly transition from warmer weather and bare legs to cooler temps and tights. Either way, you will look good while you are on the prowl.

Set DetailsPrada Animal Print Calfskin Sandals  DSQUARED2 Ziggy Platform Sandals 

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Mesh Jackets Have Taken A Fashionable Turn

Whenever I think of mesh jackets my mind automatically goes to associating them with sportier elements. I'm used to seeing mesh inserts and jackets featured prominently in the athleisure trend but I am not used to seeing it worn outside of that narrow scope. Lately, I have been seeing the cutest mesh jackets popping up everywhere and they are so fashionable and chic. Designers are creating new ways to wear the material and using innovative designs and techniques that gives mesh jackets a much needed modern update. 

Designer Neil Barrett Is Having A Love Affair With Stripes In His SS/18 Collection

Neil Barrett is one of those designers that have been making his mark in fashion for decades but is not well known among the masses. He is known for great design and impeccable tailoring but usually shies away from prints, patterns, and bold colors. Now that we are in the social media age it has caused the designer to rethink how he designs and presents his work to the world. 

Be Bold And Rock A Red Dress

Red is one of those saturated colors that has a polarizing effect on people. It is the kind of color that can draw you in or have the total opposite effect and can be intimidating. I have always been drawn to the color when it comes to my art. I use a variation of the color in almost every single painting that I create but when it comes to wearing the color it has been a difficult journey to navigate. It took me until I was well into my thirties before I could even take the small step of wearing red lipstick for the first time but after finding the perfect shade for me it has become one of the lipsticks that I wear often. When it comes to wearing red clothing I have found that for me it is easier to rock a red dress instead of separates. Why? It is so much easier for me because I do not have to worry about trying to match shades and with a dress, I do not have that issue. So today, I am showcasing a few of my favorite red dresses this season. 

Designer Spotlight: Alexander McQueen Dre…

Art of the Day - TJ Owens

" Unheard Resounds " by TJ Owens. Ink, Marker, Paint and Wax on Paper. To view more or to purchase visit

Amrita Singh's $8 Tag Sale

Amrita Singh is a jewelry and accessories designer that I have featured on my blog before because of their marvelous collection of accessories. The brand offers beautiful pieces at really affordable prices that anyone can afford. Below are a few pieces that I have added to my wishlist. Right now they are having an $8 Tag Sale on over 500 of their styles that you can buy for $8 a piece which is a huge markdown for summer. Feel free to check out what they have to offer and refresh your wardrobe with cool jewelry with this fabulous sale.

Hollywood and Fashion Style Stars - Best Dressed 8/15/2018

Okay, okay, okay!!! I know I haven't done one of these roundups in months but I think starting today I am going to try to feature my favorite Hollywood and fashion style stars on a more regular basis. I love to get inspired by what celebs and fashion insiders are wearing because they usually have access to clothing, brands, and designers that we average folks do not usually get a chance to see or wear. Sometimes it inspires me to save up for a lust worthy item and other times it sparks my creativity and I find a similar look for a whole lot cheaper. This week's ladies are showing us a variety of ways to make a look your own.


It's official I am 39 years old today. OMG ... 39? I still feel like a kid who is playing around at adulting but from what I hear from older folks you never outgrow that feeling. Honestly, I don't feel that I have changed much in the last year except that I am closer to 40 now. For some reason I feel like 40 will be the more monumental year than this year but who knows. Have I learned much over this past year? Not really, I guess I'm still trying to find out where's Waldo but I have been on that mission since I was 7 (I will keep you updated on my progress). I usually do a more profound post on my birthday but today I woke up and wasn't on that vibe, so I am going to be answering an assortment of random questions I have received over the years on my birthday.

Q:Do you feel any wiser? A: Nopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 
Q:Keke do you love me? A: Ummm ... I think you have the wrong girl but now you got me in my feelings. 
Q: More shots? A: Of course because I'm a f*cking lady.…