Skinny Cow’s Build Your Own WoCavé™ Contest

A WoCave (or Woman Cave) where the men are scarce & Skinny Cow treats abundant. Build your own on Polyvore for a chance to bring it to life with a $7500.00 gift card!
One grand prize winner will snag a $7500.00 gift card, Skinny pink mini fridge, micro-suede "ottowoman", hammered metal candy bowl, memory board, WoCave wall decal and five coupons for luscious Skinny Cow treats. Five runner-ups will win a Skinny Cow prize package that includes all of the above EXCEPT the gift card. 

Skinny Cow’s Build Your Own WoCavé™ Contest


Chateaux Wall Plaque

LSA Flower Table Arrangement Vase
$25 -

Cushions - Bedroom - Danmark
$6.86 -

Preppy Ikat


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