Ahoy Matey! Sachin + Babi Goes Nautical - Resort 2014

I can't swim... I'm claustrophobic...and I suffer from motion sickness...but I'm still obsessed with nautical style. It's an enduring and classic style that makes me wish that I could tie a proper knot or sail away off the coast, but I guess I can settle on being land-locked if I could look this chic.


* Rock The Look For Less $$$ *

Even though runway collections offers us creative and new ways to interpret a style, most designer offerings are out of our reach and not too wallet-friendly. So of course, I had to show you how I would rock nautical style for less. I'm a big believer of mixing high and low pieces. I tend to spend more on accessories because I can incorporate them into a variety of looks and you can still rock them for decades. Clothing is a different story, gone are the days where cheap meant shoddy quality or unfashionable options. So I spend a lot less on clothing than I do on accessories. In this set I wanted to balance the casual aspect of nautical style with my glam city girl vibe. 
How do you mix nautical pieces with your personal style?

T-shirt: Boohoo, Skirt: Lipsy, Sunglasses: Gucci, Bracelet: Meredith Wendell, Shoes: Givenchy


  1. I can't swim either :). Every look is stunning but my favorite is the last look. Just gorgeous. Hmm and those shoes....love


  2. Love this. Very stylish for Spring 2013. You've inspired me to pick up some!


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