Handbag Designer to Watch - My 5 Faves From Poupee Couture

All Images Courtesy of Poupee Couture and Citybliss

Poupee Couture began as a bit of a parody on how the Eastern woman handles the delicacies of context without compromising her individual needs. That inspiration materialized into bags that have strong geometric forms on the outside but then on a closer look, emit rays of brilliant color from underneath. Color always shines through, either by a material layering or a perforated Arabesque metal. And that has now become the Poupee Couture trademark.

My favorite is the Najwa Tote that comes in various colors as pictured below.

Najwa Tote
Najwa Tote (View Here)

Najwa Tote
Najwa Tote (View Here)

Najwa Tote
Najwa Tote (View Here)

I also liked...

Mini Quilted Bag
Mini Quilted Bag (View Here)

and the...

Carousel (View Here)

To view the full collection visit http://www.cityblis.com/poupee_couture .

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