When Art and Fashion Collide - Claude Monet

This set was inspired by a painting in Claude Monet's Water Lilies Series. I wanted the final look to capture the serene and colorful qualities of the painting. I found this Izabel London dress that mimicked the painting's dark background highlighted with vibrant colors. 
Whenever I look at this work of art, the blues and pops of pink always captures my eye. So I decided to use those colors in the accessories that I paired with the dress.
Fashion inspiration can strike at any time. I try to roll with it and see where it takes me. Today, it's art. Tomorrow, who knows?

When Art and Fashion Collide - Claude Monet

Izabel London bird dress
$66 - houseoffraser.co.uk

L K Bennett blue suede purse
$290 - lkbennett.com

Voluminous mascara

Hair Edgy and Seductive


  1. I have always loved Monet's work. I love how you were inspired by his paintings as they were translated into fashion. The pink sandals caught my eye so I wanted to view more. I have to say the It Malt Be Love Wedge in Blueberry is pretty nice shade of blue! What do you think of Jackson Pollack?

    1. Thank you, Susan! When I was in middle school learning about his work I wasn't too impressed. Like a lot of people I was suffering from the illusion that what he did was elementary and easy. Many years later, after studying art and his work in particular I realized how intricate his work was and how he was the master of controlled chaos. His work appears impulsive, but his method was very precise. You have to have a lot of planning and control to paint like he did. I found that out the hard way in high school by trying to replicate his style, and trust me, it looked nothing like his work. So now, I admire his technique and methods.


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