Clothes Mean Nothing Until Someone Lives In Them

Sometimes we can get so obsessed with the latest fashion and must-have items that we forget we are the star of the show. The clothes are just the decoration and we are the masterpiece. Trends come and go, but we have the enduring quality.
That's why I love this quote by Marc Jacobs, " Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them."

Clothes Mean Nothing Until Someone Lives In Them #ToyaTales


  1. That's a thought provoking quote from Marc Jacobs, which hadn't occurred to me previously.

    Can we infer that clothes mean different things if different people wear them...?

    1. To answer your question Ray, yes, I do believe an article of clothing can mean different things for different people. Something as simple as a cardigan can mean different things to the wearer, one person can use it only for warmth, another the act of putting it on is like donning armor, for someone else it means modesty, and so forth.


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