Day to Night - Hourglass Body Type

A couple of weeks ago I received a request from one of my blog followers asking me to style a fashion set showing clothing options for an hourglass figure - and the only stipulation was that the set must feature flat shoes. I decided to tackle this request by featuring a day to night outfit where I am working with the same basic pieces (that highlight an hourglass figure curves) and changing out the accessories. Since this was a personal request I wanted to make sure every piece was budget friendly and affordable. For the day outfit, I created a look that you could wear to the office. For the evening outfit, I created an ensemble that could be worn when going out for drinks, dinner, or clubbing.

Hourglass Figure Styling Tips:
- Make sure to pick pieces that fit, but are not overly tight. Close fitting clothes highlight an hourglass figure.
- Baggy or shapeless clothing is a huge no-no!
- Remember to always emphasize your waist.
- If you wear flats pick a pair with a pointy toe. Round toe flats tend to make you look squat.

Day to Night - Hourglass Body Type #ToyasTales


Wythe New York Flat Sandals 
Ava & Aiden Flat Shoes 
Forever 21 Purse 
Dorothy Perkins Handbag  
River Island Belt 
Express Belt


  1. That transition works very well. I like both looks.

    1. Thanks Ray! I tried to make sure that the transition would be easy, just switch jackets and a couple of accessories and you get a whole new vibe.

  2. Oh wow, that ZLYC tweed blazer is stunning and I checked out the link, it was decently priced too. It looks way more expensive than its price. xx

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. Since this was a personal request I made sure every piece was under $100. Most were under $50!


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