Feminine Nest - Decorate Your Bathroom With Silver, Purple, and Crystals

This one is strictly for the ladies who want to jazz up their feminine nest. Today I am focusing on adding a few decorative pieces that will help make your bathroom a glamorous retreat. Some of the home decor suggestions would seem out of place for a bathroom, but that is what makes them so perfect. These easy tips will make your bathroom unique. The fun part about these simple changes is that you can achieve a whole new look without construction or a full-blown renovation.

Easy Changes & Tips
- Rethink your lighting. Most bathrooms have can or pendant lighting. For a different take try a small scale chandelier. It will add a little extra sparkle while you're relaxing in the tub.
- Consider adding wallpaper instead of re-painting. It's a great way to add texture and print. The key is to make sure you have proper ventilation and fans installed in the bathroom to avoid moisture issues.
- A beautiful and comfortable chair is a must-have when you're pampering yourself. Perfect for perching on when changing shoes, and applying lotions or potions.

Feminine Nest - Decorate Your Bathroom With Silver, Purple, and Crystals www.toyastales.blogspot.com #ToyasTales

Astek Wallpaper 
Matthew Williamson Wallpaper 
Kathy Kuo Home Chair 
Houzz Chandelier 


  1. Chandeliers always help to make a home, no matter how small and how humble it otherwise is...

  2. This is absolutely stunning! I love the idea of treating a bathroom like a room by adding a comfy, elegant chair. How decadent!

    1. Yes it is totally decadent. We should treat ourselves once in a while.

  3. I love the purple! With a house of boys, where I'm the only girl, I would LOVE a feminine bathroom just for myself, especially if it had purple or lilac accents.

    1. It would be a perfect retreat for you!

  4. These are really good tips in designing your bathroom. Some people would probably say that these things shouldn’t be in a bathroom. But with the proper placement and the right furniture, the bathroom could really look glamorous. Thanks for sharing these tips with us. Cheers!

    Johnny Hernandez @ RippleSystems

    1. Thank you Johnny. It is always fun to do the unexpected.


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