Living Room Inspiration - Black, Gold, and Pink

Usually, I do not gravitate towards the color pink, especially when it comes to decorating a home. When I came across this elegant living room by Amy Howard I started to reconsider. I always considered a pale or cotton candy pink as a juvenile hue, but when paired with accents of black and gold it gives off a more sophisticated vibe.

Living Room Inspiration - Black, Gold, and Pink #ToyasTales

Decorative Accessories: 
Possini Ceiling Light 
Zinc Door Pillow 
Silks Are Forever Flowers 
1stdibs Vase 


  1. That Onxy vase is gorgeous! I checked the link but that vase has been sold. *cry*

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. Aww... sorry Shireen. With 1stdibs you have to catch an item fast.

  2. That room is such a striking combination. The black with the soft pink accents is gorgeous. I love black paint in a space. I once painted the woodwork in one of my houses black.

    1. That must have been striking! Intriguing idea painting your woodwork black.


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