She Was Always Something Special - An Odd Twist

I'm always intrigued by a woman who has a distinct style that deviates from the norm. A woman who is chic, well put together, and knows that the unexpected details matter. Her style is razor sharp and has a bit of edge. The kind of woman who always trusts her style instincts which in turn makes her memorable because she was always something special.

She Was Always Something Special - An Odd Twist #Toyas Tales
McQ by Alexander McQueen Dress 
Christopher Kane Sandals 
Christian Louboutin Purse 
Wolf & Badger Earrings 
Chanel Lip Treatment 
NYX Lip Color

Carol's Daughter 728x90


  1. 'Razor sharp' is the perfect description for this look. I love it!

    1. Thank you Myra! I was in the mood to showcase something a little different.

  2. The shades are a bit to 'far out' for me, but otherwise it's a nice look. One can never go wrong with black and the shoes & handbag are perfect for that dress..

    1. Those shades would be a bit much for me to wear as well, but they served as great inspiration for the outfit.


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