Vintage Glam - Jewels and Feathers

When the past taps you on the shoulder sometimes it is okay to look back. This sentiment especially rings true when it comes to fashion. I love looking at vintage images for fashion and beauty inspiration. Some of my favorite images are from the 1950's. Women back then were always impeccably put together and exuded glamour.
Today's set was inspired by that vintage glam. I saw this beautiful vintage velvet and feather dress and knew it would be the perfect feature for today's outfit of the day. I accessorized the dress with a House of Harlow clutch, DANNIJO earrings, and BlackFive criss-cross heels.

Vintage Glam - Jewels and Feathers #ToyasTales

BlackFive Sandals 
House of Harlow 1960 Clutch 
DANNIJO Earrings 

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  1. I have only ever seen dresses like this in movies and in antique photographs. It is great to learn that they are still being made. Ideal for a cocktail party, I should think.

    1. This dress that is featured is a vintage find, but I have seen similar offerings in stores. You absolutely right it would be a perfect outfit for a cocktail party.

  2. Gorgeous set! I love looking at vintage styles for inspiration too. Just today, I was looking at photos of my grandmothers from the 1920's and 30's and thinking how stylish they were.

    1. That must have been so cool to look by at your relatives and their style choices.

  3. It's gorgeous!I love vintage styles!



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