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Art of the Day - Thomas Saliot

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Bohemian Blues Coastal Bedroom Decor

I love this image of a coastal structure and weathered deck. I love the variations of blues and grays. Such a serene and beautiful image.

The second image showcases the pool area of a home designed and decorated by Jodi Fleming for Fleming Distinctive Homes. I was drawn to this particular image because of the modern furniture that was paired with bohemian and tribal-inspired linens and pillows. The contrast was eye-catching and the end result had a comfortable and modern edge. 

Both of these captivating images was the inspiration for today's home set. I took all of the things I loved most about the images like the variation of blues, slightly weathered fabrics, beautiful bohemian prints, and the sharp modern wood furniture.

Dot & Bo Ravi Pendant (Buy Here)
Vintage Thai Pillow (Buy Here)
Sky Indigo Patchwork Duvet Cover Set (Buy Here)
TemaHome Float Bed (Buy Here)

Art of the Day - Michael David Adams

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September Popsugar Must Have Box

Hello my fabulous fashionistas! Today I'm collaborating with Popsugar to talk to you about their September Must Have Box. If you recall I did a lovely collaboration a couple of month's ago when I received my first box to review (you can read it here). This month's box has some items that I was really impressed by. I actually like this box better than the first one I received. So far I have been able to test out some of the products and others I will be reviewing at a later date. 

Nothing Says Cool-Girl Edge Quite Like Fringe Detailing

I'm really digging fringe. I love the movement and swing of the ornamentation. It always has a festive and fun appeal and adds a little flair to an article of clothing. Fringe is associated with so many styles such as baroque style, flapper chic, and of course the bohemian trend. When it is paired with macrame or embroidery the statement it makes is folkloric and breathtaking like the top featured in today's set by Alice + Olivia. It is just simply irresistible. 
What is your favorite way to rock fringe?

Alice + Olivia Clarice Macrame Top (Buy Here)
Ashley Dark Blue Wash Ripped Boyfriend Jeans (Buy Here)
METAL Bat My Lashes Round Cut Out Sunglasses (Buy Here)
Tory Burch Tassel Suede Crossbody Bag (Buy Here)
Aquazzura Beverly Hills Suede Platform Sandals (Buy Here)

Seventies Throwback Style - My 5 Favorite Fringe Jeans For 2016

I'm about to take you back. Way, way back. Back to the 1970s, the first time we were thrust into a bohemian wonderland. It was a very creative and tumultuous decade where art, politics, and fashion collide. For today's set, I am not focusing on the vibrant psychedelic colors we associate with the time. Today I am focusing on the time period when jeans really became an everyday staple in our wardrobes. That decade was the catalyst for that shift.

The outfit of the day that I am featuring showcases a modern spin of vintage bohemian style. One of the modern reincarnations of this trend is the of the moment fringe hem jeans. I'm loving the style. If you love the trend too you are in luck because I'm featuring a few of my faves.

Seventies Throwback Style by latoyacl featuring summer tops

Forever 21 Wool Fedora (Buy Here)
Miguelina Dakota Off The Shoulder Crop Top (Buy Here)
New Revival Denim Fringe Hem Jeans (Buy Here)
Sunday Somewhere Charlie 52mm Round Sunglasses (Buy Here)

Art of the Day - Nick Alm Art

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Office Style - Feminine Sophistication

I love browsing the internet and looking at beautifully designed and decorated homes. I like seeing how people put things together and the end result of their creative vision. So when I came across this Sarah Richardson designed home office I was very inspired. As you guys know I'm not into overly girly interiors but this room had a feminine sophistication that I was drawn to.

Ms. Richardson did a good job of balancing vivid colors with a dash of cool urban chic. The end result was simply irresistible so I used her design as inspiration for today's outfit of the day. The main item that drew my eye in this home office was the framed fabric that she hung on the wall as a bulletin/mood board.  I found this Stella McCartney dress that did a good job of mimicking the print of the framed fabric and paired it with accessories that used the same pink and red hues that the designer used to decorate the room. The outfit I styled perfectly captures the spirit of the space.

Stella McCartney…

Hot Tropics - Aranaz Pajaro Bright Clutch

Adding a tropical element to your summer wardrobe is a great way to add a little bit of fun to your outfit. The tropical trend is easy to execute and there are a lot of options available in the stores right now for you to choose from. You can rock a tropical print, wear raffia accessories, or find numerous ways to wrap a sarong around your body, but one of my favorite ways to rock the tropical trend is a tropical bird clutch or handbag like the one featured in this set. The rest of the outfit was kept pretty simple so the bag would be the main feature. I paired it with an of the moment off the shoulder ruffle top, white skinny jeans, nude flatforms, cat eye sunglasses and a set of cute rings. 
What is your favorite way to rock the tropical trend? 

Romwe Ruffled Off The Shoulder Blouse (Buy Here)
Steilmann White Pamela Skinny Jeans (Buy Here)
MINE Crimson Base Coat (Buy Here)
Aranaz Pajaro Bright Clutch (Buy Here)
Gucci Cat Eye Half Frame Sunglasses (Buy Here)
Topshop Rhinestone Rings (Buy He…

Art of the Day - MJ Lindo's Art

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My September 2016 Hair And Makeup Update

Hello lovelies! It is the middle of the week and I'm trying to keep a smile on my face since it is almost the weekend. Last week seemed to pass so quickly for me and this week is just dragging along. As I promised a couple of months ago I am trying to feature myself a little more on my blog so I can occasionally break out of my introverted shell and hopefully through this process I can connect more with my readers. 

In July I wrote a post showcasing my natural hair (which is curly/kinky) and explained how I maintained it and featured some of the products I used to keep it as healthy as possible. You can read more about it (here). Today I'm showing you how I usually wear it when I straighten it out. The products I use is basically the same except I skip the step using mousse. The only thing I do differently styling wise is to blow dry it with the aid of my fingers (no comb) and afterwards I run a flat iron through it with the temperature set no higher than 325 degrees. Anything …

My 8 Favorite Finds From Reformation

The brand Reformation was created in 2009 by Yael Aflalo. The brand designs and manufactures the majority of their limited edition collections in their factory headquarters located in Los Angeles. All other garments are produced by responsible manufacturing partners here in the U.S. or abroad using sustainable methods and materials. They source sustainable fabrics and vintage garments while incorporating better practices throughout their supply chain to make beautiful styles at a fraction of the environmental impact of conventional fashion. Their mission is to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable. 
DESIGN Reformation's design mission is to make effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure. Usually fashion is designed 12-18 months before it is released, but at Reformation a sketch becomes into fruition within a month. They are designing and making what you want to wear right now.

Reformation Sleeveless Jumpsuit by latoyacl featuring halter-neck tops


Art of the Day - Sasha Ira

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Sarah Baily - Mini Clutch GirlGang

It has been interesting to see how feminism and how fashion relates to it has changed over the years. The idea of feminism and being a feminist has evolved and has taken on so many different meanings and because of that it has left a lot of women confused over if they agree with the direction of the movement. For some being called a feminist has turned into a negative thing because they are under the impression that it means you are a man hater and see the opposite sex as the enemy. And for others they are conflicted by the narrow view of some feminists that if you enjoy fashion or wearing makeup you are oppressed and contribute to the patriarchal system. Unfortunately it has turned women against each other instead of us supporting each other and our right to make the choices that best suit our lifestyle. When people ask me if I am a feminist I always answer by saying I am a feminist in theory but do not always agree with the direction it has taken over the years. I'm in total agr…