Art of the Day - Richard Young

Art of the Day - Richard Young
" Prima Ballerina ( Tamara Rojo ) " by Richard Young. Oil on Canvas. To view or purchase his work visit


  1. A picture of two halves, in my eyes. If I owned this picture I think I would choose to hang it on a black wall, to emphasise the effect

  2. This is stunning, what a great find, Toya! Gosh, I seriously love this!

    Reflection of Sanity

  3. Beautiful piece of art <3 I remember the day I had my first (and only) ballet lesson. I loved it, but knew it wasn't for me. However I still love watching ballerinas move. I think it's an artistic type of dance for sure.

    1. I took ballet classes in the third grade. My dance career began and ended there.


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