Hot Tropics

Even though the humidity would wreak havoc on my hair, I have always wanted to live in a tropical climate. Somewhere where it is hot and humid all year round and surrounded by lush vegetation. So I used that longing for the tropics as my inspiration for today's outfit of the day. 
It was pretty easy planning this outfit. The only thing I had to keep in mind was to keep the clothing to a minimum because of the warmer temps. I paired a sleek crop top with chic high-waisted shorts, eye-catching sunglasses, and flat sandals. The finishing touch is a cute clutch that references my tropical inspiration.

Hot Tropics #ToyasTales

Topshop Cutout Crop Top (Buy Here) 
Giambattista Valli Organza High Waist Shorts (Buy Here) 
Sollilas Sandals (Buy Here) 
Lizzie Fortunato Oaxaca Port Of Call Clutch (Buy Here) 
Fendi Crystal Embellished Cat Eye Optyl Sunglasses (Buy Here) 
Too Faced Beach Bunny Paraben-Free Bronzer (Buy Here) 
Topshop Lips In Ohh La La (Buy Here) 
Accessorize Mermaid Nail Polish  
Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils Shocking (Buy Here)


  1. Beige is a strange colour. I don't notice many women wearing it, but it looks good in this selection

    1. I made sure to find one that had peachy undertones which is more flattering.

  2. I love this. Especially the top and the sunnies, :). Hot all year I can take but humid will probably kill me.

  3. I'm so unsure about the crop tops coming back! Back when I was in University, I liked to show off my midrift, but now that I'm in my 30's I'm not impressed with it's comeback! The outfit is cute though!

    1. I like them but I agree that in my 30's I would not rock them the same way that I did when I was 21. Back then it was all about a crop top and super low rise jeans. I do feel that any woman at any age can rock it depending on how they style it and how confident they are.


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